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Reviewing great albums and great artists is always a pleasure, but just the other day I was cleaning up my iTunes and I was thinking: it’s a real shame that most of the band I listen to don’t really endure. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to albums for reviewing purposes more than anything, but what really stands out after even one year – I can literally count that amount of albums on my fingers. So my iTunes is weeded out, and 2011 is a rather promising year I must say. But what does it take to really stand out in this niche we like to call stoner, doom, etcetera? It’s hard to say really. For example, it’s not enough to know a lot about music to make great music. Sometimes I hear a band and I think, wow, you can exactly pinpoint what this band has been listening to the last couple of months. I, for one, would probably make bad music, because I’m not a musician at all but I happen to know a lot about music. The other thing is: inspiration and a creative mind. Here in Holland we have the X-factor, a terrible but thoroughly enjoyable program about people who want to become pop stars. Do they have the X-factor to become that pop star? The same can be said for doom: what does it take for an artist to make an outstanding stoner release? I don’t have the answer of course J. 

But what I do know is that Of the horizon has that X-factor to the max. It’s a nice, rollicking, rock & roll kind of stoner album with the slow, laid back state of mind of a Brant Bjork. It’s not that slow in actual terms, but it is as relaxing and fun to listen to as your average Brant Bjork album. Of the horizon offers here a welcome and warm demo, and there’s not much info on the band. They are from the Los Angeles area, originated in 2008 and they recorded two songs with Scott Reeder, and the other four of this six song demo with one Bill Lanham. With only 90 plays on last.fm, you don’t have a lot of comparative material, but I would describe Of the horizon as a pretty straightforward, original and hopefully enduring stoner band. It’s not stoner in your typical stoner way, and that is a big plus for me as a listener and a reviewer. The songs aren’t that easy – you cannot sing along to these tracks after a couple of listens, and that too is an advantage. New Voyage for example has a nice, calm beginning, slowly transforming in a hazy desert feel. Qua sphere this reminds me a little of Jalamanta, and Caravan, song number five, is a slowly moving behemoth of a track. That’s the beauty of Of the horizon: it is heavy, but not your High On Fire heavy, or your typical southern rock ‘n roll stoner heavy. It just sounds so timeless, just like Jalamanta again. Yep, this is quality stuff, and it brings back sentiments of when I first got into stoner. This brings back that special feeling that blew your mind in the first place when you first got into stoner or doom. Caravan has that riff that will make your head go boom. White Witch At The Helm is a live track that can also be found as a video on their myspace. Pretty good, but the demo tracks are better in my opinion. For example, listen to Hall Of The Drunken King, and you know what I mean. No mindless riffing here, but for the uninitiated it can sure come across as mindless.. Suns Align has a nice Sleep or early Om feel to it, just a perfect rhythm I would say. Summit Priest is that loose, blissful track that will accompany the coming Spring. 

Get in the mood with this rad live material: YouTube 

Now go and support this band and make sure they record an album! 

9 / 10
Review Written by Sandrijn van den Oever 

Of The Horizon Official Website
Of The Horizon @ Myspace


Posted February 4, 2011 by doommantia in Of The Horizon

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