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Finnish band Ordog have slogged away at the doom for over 6 years now and this is their third full length album. Their second album, “Life is too Short for Learning to Live” was a really good, depressing doom-metal album but I can remember thinking at its time of release that they will be hard-pressed to beat it and if they just copy the formula one more time, it will be overkill. Bands in this genre of cavernous, depressing funeral doom are usually great for one album and then if they repeat themselves so they just get more and more boring with every release. I have seen it happen with many bands in the funeral doom scene and I am sorry to say that Ordog have met with the same fate with this album titled, Remorse. Where as the last album was gritty and depressing but with a captivating atmosphere, this one is mostly just plain depressing. The band have always played very crude, crusty riffage and this new album is no exception but the repetition is what killed the album for me.

The album starts with “Human Shell and “Betrayed,” two tracks that churn away for a combined total of 20 minutes with the only surprise being the double-kick drums that happens in “Betrayed.” The rest of the tracks are your typical funeral-dirge, depressing as hell itself with vocals that sound like a frog with asthma. Croaking vocals aside, Aleksi Martikainen can be a great singer for this style of music as he varies his style from whispered sections to demonic deathly growls but it is usually too much of one of one style of singing or another instead of being balanced. After two rather unimpressive tracks, things improve for the third track, “Shadowland” which is the best track on the album. Even at being 13 minutes long, this tracks holds your attention and even the vocals sound great on the track. The crippling atmosphere on this track is spine-chilling and even though it is still repetitive funeral-doom for the most part, there is just enough variation to keep it interesting.

The track that follows is also great, its called “Abuse” and there is some fine interplay between the guitar and keyboards and it also features the ‘guitar solo’ of the album. At 7 minutes, it is the perfect length to make this track very effective at putting across a feeling of total hopelessness and despair. After this though, the album gets very repetitive indeed. The title track, “Remorse” drags on for over 16 minutes and at least 10 minutes of that is pure filler. The opening 6 minutes is pure head-ache inducing nothingness as it doesn’t seem to serve any real function in the song. I just find myself sitting through waiting for something dramatic to happen which is never does. There isn’t even one good riff within the 16 minutes, if monotony is your thing then I guess you will like it but it puts me to sleep every time I hear it. The track that follows that, “Boneyard Horizon” is not much better but only 9 minutes this time but still it just crawls along with total repetition. It is really only the keyboards that keeps this from being a total snooze-fest and that might sound funny coming from a guitar obsessed doomster like myself but the keyboards are the only thing here that gives the album any color.

The album does take a unique turn for its closing track, the piano lead and extremely melodic “Meant To Be An End” but damn it, it is only 3 minutes long. It is frustrating how one of the most melodic, interesting moments is kept so short. The album is 70 minutes long and it is very repetitive so it is no picnic getting through this. The album’s highpoint is in its middle section, “Shadowland” and “Abuse” providing 20 minutes plus of great atmospheric funeral doom but the rest of the album just wanders aimlessly and seems fairly dull and uninspired. However, some will dig it so check it out for yourself……..5/10
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Posted February 4, 2011 by doommantia in Ordog

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