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This comes from the original post on the Sludge Swamp but you also find the Foundry Of Doom widget on Doommantia as well in he sound and vision section of the sidebar. Along with Crestfallen which you can also listen to on this site, the Foundry Of Doom provides the very best of doom, sludge and stoner along with some obscure gems from the 70’s. The perfect soundtrack for anytime of the day or night, tune in and support the station. Now here is the original Sludge Swamp post:

As you may have noticed, a few days ago Master Cheeto Cat added a new “living” element to the right column, just below the c-box.
That’s the widget of the Foundry Of Doom web radio, the internet radio devoted to the tunes roaming around in the Swamp, i.e. doom, stoner, sludge, psychedelia, garage rock, vintage hard psych, drone, etc..
After being on hold for a little while, the radio came back stronger than ever at the beginning of the year and is now linked to
The radio is burstling with killer tunes and is managed by Tommy & Ed from Doommantia.
Recently I started giving some contribution as well. Big emotion (well, first time for me) and good fun!

Here is the “mission statement” of the radio from myspace:
“The Foundry Of Doom in conjunction with Doommantia.Com is proud to bring you these earth-shattering sounds by playing the innovators as well as the new up and coming acts within the Doom, Stoner Rock, Sludge, and Drone genres. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!’

So, folks, disgusted by the mainstream shit? In need of some cool, “trve” music in rotation? In need of some dooooom?
Get connected with the Foundry Of Doom radio!
\m/ \m/ \m/

Live 365
(here type “doom” on the upper right bar and you’ll find the FOD radio)
Foundry Of Doom @ Myspace

Original Post By Mari


Posted February 5, 2011 by doommantia in Doommantia, Foundry Of Doom

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  1. Nice one bro!!!

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