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After a twenty-one-year career, British doom/stoner veterans CATHEDRAL have announce their “retirement” from the scene. The band will make its exit from the live arena at the end of this year and plans to record one final studio album to be released in 2012.

Commented vocalist Lee Dorrian; “It’s simply time for us to bow out. Twenty one years is a very long time and it’s almost a miracle that we managed to come this far!

“We’ve had a great time during CATHEDRAL‘s existence and it has literally been our life. It’s just time to move on and leave our recorded legacy to linger”.

Since forming in 1990, CATHEDRAL has released nine studio albums and several EPs. A large part of their career was spent recording for Earache Records, debuting with the landmark 1991 doom metal classic “Forest of Equilibrium”. This was followed by the seminal 1993 “Ethereal Mirror” album which was released by Columbia Records in America to large critical acclaim.

More recently CATHEDRAL has continued to expand on its overall sound, releasing two albums for the Nuclear Blast label. Dorrian continues, “Our latest album, ‘The Guessing Game’, is exactly where we wanted to be after all this time. Staying in one place, being repetitive and predictable is something we wanted to avoid right from the off.”

CATHEDRAL recently reunited with the original lineup for their twentieth anniversary concert to perform their aforementioned debut in its entirety. They are scheduled to make several final live appearances 2011, including dates in Japan and at the Maryland Deathfest. More dates will follow, including a farewell London show later in the year.

Dorrian concludes: “We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to those special people who have supported CATHEDRAL over the years. It may sound like a cliché but it’s certainly true — we simply wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Thanks!”

My Say –
On a personal note, I must give thanks to Cathedral for the years of enjoyment that have given me. Their début album was really one of the albums that turned me into a ‘doom fan’ for life. I have nothing but respect for their achievements and for the all the wonderful albums they released over the years. I am deeply saddened by this news…..Ed


Posted February 6, 2011 by doommantia in Cathedral

7 responses to “CATHEDRAL Announces Plans To Disband …

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  1. That f***ing sucks!

  2. I guess I'm stupid, but I never liked Cathedral :(. I can't even name one album I like.. Oops?

  3. Oh my god, feed him to the lions ha ha. No seriously they haven't always appealed to everyone mainly due to the vocals but I love them. Even their worst albums blow most other bands away but that is just my opinion of course. Each to their own.

  4. One of the most unique metal bands out there. Their music, ideas, artwork,..

    Endless love & respect!

  5. I agree Robin and to that other guy, are you serious ? If you can't find a Cathedral album that you like, I doubt if you even listened to them. Cathedral are one of the most original bands ever that always pushed in different directions and never got stale.

  6. The 'Soul Sacrifice' EP is the greatest EP ever released – end of story and Forest Of Equilibrium – the best doom album to this day ever released.

    This news is tragic.

  7. Everything up to Carnival Bizarre (including eps) are totally essential. It's true even their less cohesive stuff have more ideas (maybe too many?) than some bands entire output.

    These guys really got the ball rolling for a new generation of Doom & will be remembered for it.

    Their debut in a way has it's own character different from later stuff (sorta like a certain Birmingham group) that can serve as a focal point of inspiration I alway return to when I get that feeling “I need to get back to why I love this music”.

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