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Signo Rojo was formed in the late autumn of 2009, when its four members met at a local metal-show. They began writing almost immediately and came up with a self-titled 6 track Sludge Doom Album which will crush your brains.

The first listen of Signo Rojo might be a bit uncomfortable for someone not acquainted with the band, as they unleash one huge, toxic Doom riff after another. The gruff vocals of Jonas is very apt for this album.. The huge Sludge/Doom combination that these guys bring with them can be pretty punishing at first, but after sometime when one gets used to the sound, the music can be incredible. These guys know how to write a good riff. The track “Lashing the Hellespont” is a track which reminds me of Old Dismember – a totally different genre. This track is completely bizarre and features some erratic singing.

This contrast made me curious to check out the entire album and to put that in perspective, the second track “The Beast Beneath” starts off with some awesome Sludge Doom Sound with vocals taking a back seat, as expected. Listening to the first two tracks sets the tone for the rest of the album, since the remaining tracks follow the same pattern, with some amount of variation in the guitar section. The rhythm guitar stands out in its excellence. The album also features some Stoner kind of Rock singing – full of groove and soul.

Signo Rojo play typical Sludge Doom, combined with a pretty good groove and style, and a kind of Stoner Doom and Roll that is as groovy as it is powerful. Riffs either come at you at a solid mid-tempo or are very slow sometimes, creating an atmosphere which is pretty difficult to explain. The listeners will get a feel of it when they get into the album fully.

The eye catching track is “The Calling” as it is slow and steady. There are some good guitar parts by Hampus and Elias, who have maintained the slow-tempo very well throughout the track.

At first I wasn’t entirely sure about it, but it only took a couple of listens to realize that it was pretty decent band. For a debut album it feels surprisingly tight and well made too, and the production is crystal clear. I recommend Signo Rojo for fans, who are not averse to trying out something new.
Signo Rojo
Review Written By Mahesh


Posted February 7, 2011 by doommantia in Signo Rojo

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