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Well it is getting to the point now where reviewing these goth-doom acts is almost pointless, while there is some great bands in the genre, at least 90% of them are so damn big on recycling the music of Paradise Lost, Anathema, and My Dying Bride that one look at the artwork and band photos and you already know what to expect. This band from Norway who has been together for 20 years for just 2 full length albums and is typical of the goth-doom problem. To Cast A Shadow are not a bad band, it is just this album is so incredibly generic and predictable that the first minute of the disc tells you the whole story.

Apart from the generic replanting of the same goth-doom ideas that ran its course over 10 years ago, the album has the problem of being doom without any menace, being heavy but with absolutely no bite and to make matters worse it has a production so polished, it is sterile with zero atmosphere. Their only saving grace is the vocals of Gunnhild Huser who has a straight-forward clean style that gives the music a bit of depth at least. Musically it is mostly simple arrangements and rhythms with a blend of sterilized electric and acoustic guitars. The album is not without its highlights, “Nightfall” and the following “Oceans Apart” both provide the closest thing to atmospheric doom on the album, at least in the morose melodies and you could be forgiven in thinking that the album will be very entertaining from here on in but it quickly generates into a run-of-the-mill goth-doom release and I use the term ‘doom’ very loosely here.

Being a female-fronted goth band of course means, male vocals also have to be added. Here they come from guitarist Marcus Granlien and you guess it, they are growled to the point of parody and don’t add anything of value to the songs. Elsewhere, the acoustic “Betula” features guest vocals from Nell Sigland of Theatre of Tragedy and that adds a much needed change of sound. If this had of been released 20 years ago, it would have been something important but now its too little, too late. The goth-doom scene showed great promise back in the early 90’s but sadly never delivered apart from a few good albums, now the scene and style is in a free-fall of mediocrity. On a side note – one of the songs on this album features a total note-for-note rip-off of a Candlemass solo, I wonder how many people will spot it ? In a word this album is ‘typical’ of the style and even if you love the style, you better really love it because there is nothing new on this album. You could do worse than buying this album but unless you have cash to burn, I would scratch this off your shopping list…..4/10
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Posted February 9, 2011 by doommantia in To Cast A Shadow

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