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I think it is fair to say I am more of a drone fan than most doom metal fans and I have never been afraid of experimental minimalism but you got to draw the line somewhere and I think I have found that line in Oskryf. This is the latest offering from the Finnish label Firedoom, a sub-label of Firebox Records and its an interesting release for the first few minutes and then it is the musical equivalent of pulling teeth. I know nothing about this band except this album takes the concept of minimalism to the extreme and beyond. Drone doom has always been an acquired taste and has never been a sociable genre of music – if you want people to leave your house, put on a drone album and it usually does the trick. The problem with this self-titled album from Oskryf is they seem to have the attitude that doing as little as possible is somehow extreme but I feel in reality – it is simply boring.

While the good drone acts make minimal music into a art form with musical light and shade and sometimes disturbing or mesmerizing atmosphere, this fails to do anything remotely close to what you would call atmospheric music. It is not rocket science to play drone but it does take some imagination to create interesting soundscapes. Oskryf take it to the point of playing a distorted single chord and repeating it ad-nauseam. The band is unique in the way it is hard to compare them with anyone else within the drone genre. It is terribly blackened doom so it doesn’t fit along-side the cosmic drones of Sunn O))), neither does it have the ambience of Earth or any of the musical virtuosity. There is no rhythmical changes, no vocals and zero amounts of contrast and if you get through the 47 minutes of this without pulling your hair out, you are indeed one hardcore drone-fan. While this is oppressive and harrowing, it is not musical to any degree – it is more of a torture-device made to drive you insane and maybe that is the point of it all.

The album is based around monotony, dissonant riffs and booming bass that is so distorted is sounds like an electrical melt-down cranked up to 11. There is only one track that had any lasting impact on me and that is the album’s closer, “Och Sen Blev Allting Svart” which at least builds up a chilling atmosphere. Elsewhere tracks like “Inuti Mig Ar Det Alltid Morkt” are so dull and tedious that I think someone should be paying me to sit through this repetitive racket. Only the very most extreme drone fans with too much time on their hands will appreciate this album and I am sure there is a audience of deranged, sick people who find this music(?) somehow entertaining but I will stick to my Sunn O))) albums thank you very much. I will give Oskryf a 3/10 just for having the balls to release something like this.
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Posted February 10, 2011 by doommantia in Oskryf

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  1. LOLOL If you want someone to leave your house throw on a drone album…..Frickin HILARIOUS!!! This made my shitty day…Thanks!!!

  2. I remember playing a drone album to this dude and he sat there confused for a while before asking – when are they going to play something ? I said they are playing !!!

    He got up and left ha ha.

  3. He must not have been in the right frame of mind. I find that a toke or two of the “chronic”, puts you in that “State of DRONE”!! This is needed to appreciate it fully!!

  4. A lot of drone albums sound like a intro that never stops and yeah weed helps indeed. One thing is for sure, if you want to create a good vibe for a party or something, avoid drone albums – they are party killers. I listen to drone, mostly late at night and on headphones.

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