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There has been many debates on message boards on what is ‘doom-metal’ and this band from the UK could spark a debate better than most in that regard. Consecration describe themselves as “Unholy Doom Death Metal” and I think the key words here are ‘death-metal.’ There is a tendency at the moment to call anything heavy that is down-tuned and slowed down – doom, and I am getting a little tired of reading it. This band is dark, very heavy, down-tuned and does have some very sinister riffing but basically it is slow-downed death-metal and doesn’t deserve the ‘doom’ tag. They are very good though and do have some crushing riffs that will appeal to doomsters. They also are playing a style that is very popular at the moment, that being old-school death-metal. The band is in the vein of ‘Disembowelment’ and similar acts and don’t bring anything new to the table but there is still plenty of juicy guitar work on display.

The 34 minute mini-album starts and ends with the two-part, “The Vine” which is very sinister and bleak despite a surprising clean guitar sound. After part one of the track, the album gets into high gear with down-tuned chugging guitar work as the band keeps it mostly to mid-tempos and deep deathly growls. Of course, we have all heard this before a million times but it still very well executed. The songs are mostly based around big riffs that are fairly infectious which was a trademark of the older bands in the genre. The use of melody has been lost on a lot of the more modern bands but Consecration obviously know if you want to write songs that have a lasting appeal, you need melodies and there is some strong melody lines during these songs. Also, important to mention is the lead breaks which are very melodic in parts and they also vary things up with clean guitar sections which evokes some gloomy atmosphere.

Of the 6 tracks, “Consecration” and “Cast Down for the Burning” are the best 2 tracks, the later features the only real outburst of speed and aggression. The ‘Unholy Doom Death Metal’ tag they give themselves is a little misleading as I didn’t hear anything too evil in any of the bands lyrics but maybe I need a lyric sheet to know. The songs seem to take a ‘anti-religious’ stance and deal with the death of the human race but whether that deserves the ‘unholy’ tag is up to you to decide. I got this from their Bandcamp site where you can download it for 5 British Pounds but you can also get the CD for the same price which I find a little strange. “Gut The Priest” is a solid effort but nothing to get too excited about, they have great potential for doing something in the future more unique than this and I will keep an eye out for future releases. The band seems to be very serious about what they do and play with a fair degree of passion and I can’t find any flaws in the production. Folks into the old-school death-metal will dig this and doom-metal fans will appreciate some of the crushing riffage so it is worth investigating……..7/10
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Posted February 14, 2011 by doommantia in Consecration

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  1. This is a great Black / Death metal release. Not much Doom at all. I dont hate it by no means.

  2. hey foundry and Ed; this is rather offtopic, but do you consider Autopsy as death doom or slower and doom influenced death metal? and what about Asphyx

  3. Autopsy is Death Metal. As for Asphyx, what little I know about them is Death Metal as well.

  4. Both those bands are death-metal to me as well despite both bands doomy passages.

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