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The British label Doomanoids Records released two cool collections (on separate CDs) of doomy tunes in the second half of 2010. The two collections are called Planet Doom Volume One and Two, respectively, and host tracks from bands belonging to the label’s present-day roster as well as from other emerging obscure bands.

I like and I’m prone to buy even blindly a label’s compilation when there’s something new I can learn.

I knew and appreciated several bands on the comps but what further convinced me to order my own copies was the presence of names new to me.

Volume 1 includes 9 tracks, and Volume 2 hosts 11 tracks. Each comp bears about one hour of cool doom tunes.

Here is the track-list of Volume 1 (track – band):

1 – Words to live by  –  Hatchetface

2 – Final resting place  –  Iron Void

3 – Wicked world – Misericorde

4 – Witch queen  –  Yidhra

5 – My wicked dream  –  Misty Morning

6 – Spend my time  –  Alunah

7 – Eyestroids  –  Atlantic Tide

8 – Witchfinder  –  Sinister Tales

9 – Remembrance  –  Khthon

And this is the track-list for Volume 2 (track – band):

1 – Zombie apocalypse  –  Stonehelm

2 – Crawl to cold Earth  – Grimpen Mire

3 – Time machine of doom  – Brigantia

4 – The freaks are taking over  – Dirt Communion

5 – Heathen song  –  General

6 – Black blizzard  –  Bad Dream

7 – Suicide sorcerer  – Iron Void

8 – Sleeping wizard  – Groan

9 – In the midst of madness  – Invasion

10 – Confession  –  Dead Southern Bishop

11 – The tempest  –  The Human Condition

As you can see there’s a lot of juicy fat frying on the blazing coals of doom!

These comps include some of the coolest, and in some cases, most particular bands around practising the genre most worshipped here, heavy doom, and that I came to know here or in the blogosphere: Iron Void, Stonehelm, Groan, Brigantia, Alunah, Misty Morning, Grimpen Mire, Dirt Communion, Invasion, Dead Southern Bishop.

About the other bands in the comp, well, there are some truly cool tracks by bands that are completely new for me. So it was a cool occasion to find more about them. In some cases bands are so obscure that I wasn’t even able to find much info even from the myspace pages listed on the comp covers.  These “new” discoveries are mostly in the Volume 1: Hatchetface, Misericorda, Yidhra, Atlantic Tide, Sinister Tales and Khthon. Volume 2 hosts General, Bad Dream and The Human Condition.

Female-fronted US band Hatchetface open the dances in Volume 1 compilation with a track from their debut 2008 demo, full of groovy sludgy doom where vocals of the singer add a lot of tension when they turn from clean to raging. California’s Stonehelm do the same on Volume 2 through their fuzzy “weed metal”, their Electric Wizard-esque up-tempo total doom metal starting and ending with two trademarks of the genre: sci-fi/horror movie sound-bites and a bong.

UK Iron Void (I must confess, one of my fave UK doom bands) are present in both Volumes 1 and 2 with their typical style, i.e. “plodding, heavy crunchy doom fashion with slothful riffing, wailing solo guitar work” and some great clean to gritty vocals. The other contributions from the “big bands” are perfectly apt in keeping the flag of heavy and weedy doom proudly flying.

Irish Brigantia, very well known and appreciated around here, grab your doomy heart with their soulful epic, monolithic tunes. Young Groan, well, were the UK fuzzy stoner-doom revelation of 2010 and they glow as if they were experienced doomsters. Italian Misty Morning are so intense in their total love for Cathedral. UK Grimpen Mire provide their crushing blend of traditional doom and filthy sludge. USA Dirt Communion help rising the alcoholic level of the comp with their whiskey-soaked southern-flavoured doom tunes equally inspired by Down-Crowbar and holy Black Sabbath. Dead Southern Bishop are contributing with some of their killer, raw Eyehategod-dish sludge blinking to Down’s warmth as well as nasty acts like Mistress.

Invasion and Alunah bring more of the ladies’ touch to the comp via their peculiar vocal performances adding further charm to the psychedelic stoner-doom riffs. In Invasion Dominika’s trademark are the disguise as a hooded voodoo witch  and the warm, almost soul vocal style deriving from her African roots. As to Sophie in Alunah, well, we all know her soft, luring voice contrasting with the heaviness of doom. But contrasts are so cool ..

As to the other bands that were new to me before getting hold of these compilations, UK Misericorde provide some cool fuzz with their long track where plodding downtuned riffs and icy-cold half-spoken vocals build up a further hommage to Lee Dorrian’s Cathedral. US Yidhra’s Witch Queen is cannabis doom with up-tempo raaaawky parts alternating with slower intervals where sounds and atmospheres are labelled Pentagram/Saint Vitus.

Swedish Atlantic Tide’s style is quite dynamic, actually maybe not so doomy. If requested or necessary, I would tag it as a sort of alternative, psychedelic stoner metal. Anyway, their tunes are a refreshing variation in the long doom march, and just after Atlantic Tide you are dragged back to pure doom by the total Saint Vitus worship by UK Sinister Tales. UK Khthon end Volume 1 and add further fuel to the early Black Sabbath-Saint Vitus doom flame. Their great track is pure traditional as far as riffs are concerned, and has some great clean epic vocals recalling Brigantia or Unsilence.

In Volume 2 UK General offer a great, soulful and almost introspective track called Heathen Song where desert rock and southern riffs dominate and the gritty vocals sound almost melancholic. Bad Dream, from Brooklyn, USA, provide some fuzzy trippy-spacey stoner doom lead by a cool bass and evoke the puffs of the desert wind. British The Human Condition (related to Misericorde through bassist Jeff Moffatt) close the compilation with a long, beautiful epic-sounding track bearing some cool riffs, changes in rhythm and interesting male vocals.

So these two substantial compilations by Doomanoid Records are able to give you two hours of some great heavy doom metal played according to different shades. The two hours will flow smoothly as the comps are indeed quite varied and well organized.

Some of the tracks are from new, 2010 albums (Alunah’s track is from the older album, though). The tracks from the “more obscure” bands may date back to a few years ago as they are taken from the only existing releases by these bands. The presence of such “old” tracks in such a new compilation has not the function of filling space but of digging out some nuggets from the deep underground.

Or at least this is how I tend to read it.

Therefore, beside some outstanding names that released brand new albums recently, these comps will make you know new names or at least refresh the memory about some equally cool bands of the underground that hopefully will come back soon under the spotlight with new killer tunes.                         

The two collections/volumes can be purchased separately although they are so cool, and the price is more than accessible, that both of them are worth buying.

Doomanoid Records: home and distro

Doomanoid Records

Doomanoid Records Distro

Review by Marilena Moroni (Mari)


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  1. Steve has done some great work with this compilation. Not to mention the KILLER cover art done by none other than THE PERVERTED OLD GOATESS!!

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