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Korperschwache, formed in 1995, as a project that blends noise, black metal, drone, and dark ambient music. The main-man known as RKF is also known for running a record label called Monotremata Records (now inactive). Korperschwache has released several recordings using these various styles but ever since 2005 it has mainly a drone, ambient doom project. I discovered this very interesting interview with RKF on the Heathen Harvest site where there is one section that caught my eye that talks about the Metal Archives site. Apparently the band was refused a place on the site for not being ‘metal enough.’ RKF says
“Well, metal is kind of a conservative genre to begin with, so I wasn’t terribly surprised by that. I do find it kind of interesting that they include bands like Khanate, Sunn O))), and Gnaw Their Tongues, especially the latter. I can see the first Khanate album being classified as metal, but the rest of their catalog has more to do with drone than metal, and Sunn O))) have never been what I’d call a metal band, while Gnaw Their Tongues is closer to free-form noise most of the time than anything remotely resembling metal. Their classification system seems awfully arbitrary, but it’s not something I’m going to lose sleep over.”

I agree with RKF it seems awfully arbitrary especially in light of the fact their is many so-called ‘folk-metal’ bands on there that have albums that only have maybe one metal riff on an entire album. Anyway, lets move forward and talk about their latest album titled “Evil Walks” released on Crucial Blast. The first thing to grab your attention is the artwork presented on this digi-pak, I have always been a sucker for this kind of art and this package looks great. Please note however, the artwork presented for this review doesn’t do it justice, I could only find a gray version of the art when it is more of a brown/sepia kind of color and looks much better than what you see here. Korperschwache have put together an album with “Evil Walks” that is very atmospheric and droning that actually becomes more melodic, the more times you listen and you will need to give this several listens to fully let the music unravel as there is many hidden elements and passages you can easily miss on the first few spins.

Even though the recording features different tracks, it plays like a concept piece and sounds like one long extended track so breaking the album down to a song-by-song review is almost impossible as it is too complex both musically and thematically to sum up in just a few paragraphs. The album is painfully slow and dark but it also has some effective light and shade in the instrumentation. Buzzing guitars switch to churning drones, the bass is distorted, and the music is often hypnotic but be ready for moments of unhinged chaos too. These moments are very rare but when they do happen, it is explosive, frightening and apocalyptic. The bulk of the album is drone however featuring discordant notes that are strangled rather than played but the beauty of the album lays in its subtlety. Without repeating myself, on first listen the album seems like another ambient drone release but with each further spin, majestic moments of harrowing, atmospheric music can be discovered. Vocals are barely noticeable which only adds more to the subtle quality of the release. Highlights include the heavy “The Rearing Elephant” and the hypnotic rhythms of “You And A Can Of Gasoline.” While I don’t really find anything that truly blows me away on “Evil Walks,” I cant find anything bad or boring either. This is a solid ambient, atmospheric drone album that would make a worthy addition in your collection, take a listen and enjoy the gloom…..7/10
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Posted February 21, 2011 by doommantia in Korperschwache

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