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Dimaeon are a dutch band formed in 2002 but they are new to me. This EP is supposed to be a sample of where the band is heading in the future and from all reports I have read is a departure from their usual style. The band is fairly unique, they blend death metal, doom metal and progressive rock into a melodic but raw sound. In terms of musical proficiency, this band have all the right skills as the playing is very impressive but there is only 3 tracks here for only 23 minutes of music and I am less than convinced about the quality of their songwriting. The first song on here, “Blood Of Millions” doesn’t offer much hope at first for this EP but thankfully, the EP gets much better in the remaining 2 tracks. “Blood Of Millions” comes across as pretty typical death-doom hybrid, it is complex and aggressive but nothing new. However just as you think you are about to be hammered by another generic yet brutal death-metal band, the EP switches directions in a very dramatic way.

The second track is the 10 minute long, “Terra” which frequently switches gears between death metal, prog-rock and melodic epic doom sections and it is these doom passages that the band is at their best. From the mellow intro comes some mind-bending prog-laced elements and the mixture of both clean and aggressive vocals works very well. Compared with the opening track, this one shows some real imagination so I hope this is their future direction and not the generic death-metal of the EP’s opening tune. The band shows they have the potential to play in an epic death-doom vibe and make it work while the added little complex prog elements gives “Terra” a different dynamic and something I would like to see them build upon. The last of the 3 tracks is “Aeon” and the band really hits upon something great on this track. It is the heaviest track but also the most diversified and there is solo moments on this tune that are simply jaw-dropping. The prog-rock elements are the driving force behind the song with some great interplay between the musicians and when this tune gets heavy, it gets really heavy!! Take special note of the guitar work in this track, there is some very smoking-hot axe-work in this tune. Like the previous tune, it is long and multi-dimensional but with so much going on, it never drags.

I hope they continue to build upon the strengths shown on tracks 2 and 3 and forget about the style displayed on the EP’s opening tune. These 2 songs offer 18 minutes of very exciting, dramatic epic music that is both heavy and atmospheric. This is a very good EP but its a pity the first track is on there is spoil the flow of it all. I see great things for this band in the future, check them out…….7.5/10
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Posted February 22, 2011 by doommantia in Dimæon

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