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Clamfight are stoner metal, sludge, thrash, death and have enough metallic grooves to wipe the floor with most bands and Volume One is one of the heaviest début albums released in the last year. What is so cool about their sound is they can’t be easily tagged, all I can say is this is one heavy, no-bullshit metallic band. Clamfight seem to have zero support as it is very hard to find any info on the band at all but that makes this album even more of a surprising mind-**k. The sonic intensity of the main riff in album opener “Fuck Bulldozers” coupled with a monster drum sound and its explosive groove is more than enough to break down walls. Everything is wailing in this track from the abrasive, shouting vocals of drummer/vocalist Andy Martin to the screaming guitar solo from either Joel Harris or Sean McKee that takes the tune to his punishing ending. The production on the album is huge and clear but with equal amounts of grit and it is rare when a band nails the perfect sound but Clamfight get real close on “Volume One.” Even though it is tempting to compare the band with the likes of High On Fire and other metallic sludge shredders, I think they stand out on their own and don’t call for such comparisons. Even their most unoriginal moments has its own groove attached to it, second track titled “Old Gravy Leg” features riffs that sound very familiar but they still deliver something that is unique to Clamfight.” That track, “Old Gravy Leg” may be the albums weak-link but weak by this band standards is still above average for anybody else.

“Swordfishing is an Ancient and Noble Art” is full of southern rock meets sludge-metal grooves and is a good track but the real meat and potatoes for me lies in the albums last four tracks as every minute, every groove is simply mind-blowing, infectious ass-kickin stoner metal. “Ghosts I Have Known” is a track that offers a bit more than what you have heard on the album so far from a slower, punishing tempo to kick the song off till its thrashy final section. What you hear in-between is some brutally exciting lead work, a cleaner than usual vocal performance and stunning tight musicianship. At first I thought this has to be the best track on the album but then I was equally impressed with what follows. That track simply called “Rabbit” is one of the albums heaviest tunes and even though the track is a little meandering, it supply’s an incredible dose of control musical destruction. If that track didn’t knock your butt in the dirt the following “Tower of the Elephant” will with its killer guitar hooks. This track might be the most generic of the bunch but it is also one of the most immediately satisfying as this track will hooked you in on the first spin of the disc. The album ends on what I consider to be the albums best track overall – “Viking Funeral.” This track is beautifully written and arranged with a vibe that sounds mature and precise but at the same time threatens to unravel itself at any moment. Lyrically the band seems obsessed with the outdoors, fishing, 4-wheeling and so on but that goes hand in hand with their swamp-metal tendencies.

The tightness of the playing with the clear, powerful production is a lethal combination but it is also the band’s passionate performance that makes this a total winner. All the members of Clamfight are excellent players and the one dude I haven’t mentioned yet deserves some high praise. I talk of bass player, Louis Koble. Some of his work is stunning in the way he fills out the sound and adds so much extra dimension to their sound. I first read about this band at the The Obelisk but I had no idea they would be this good. I highly recommend you check out this band and this album out ASAP…….9/10
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  1. Stream and buy Volume I at

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Bought it! And whoooooaaaa … it rolls … \m/ \m/ \m/

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