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Mountain Witch Stoner Doom Band has unveiled their new EP “Mountain Witch” and when I first got this material, I was wondering whether it would sound like any other Stoner Doom Band. But Mountain Witch proved me wrong. The vocals were missing, which is pretty unusual. But the music was incredible and I dug out their previous release “Scythe & Dead Horse” – an amazing full length album. These folks have got a lot of influence from 70’s music and they sound a lot like Electric Wizard.

Mountain Witch brings a rather interesting sound to their stoner doom album. The guitars are heavy, but where other stoner doom bands usually choose one or two tracks to get the hard rock riffs massively distorted., Mountain Witch are pulling some serious sludge into their distortion. Their track “Death Obsessed” has a feel of 70’s Black Sabbath sound for the initial period and changes completely as it takes off with heavy guitairing and pretty slow drumming. The tracks “Wrath” and “Severance”  has more of swing and groove in the riffs and hence gives this EP a propulsive feel that’s a little at odds with stoner doom’s often stoned wanderings; but here it manages to be forceful and mean like great sludge metal.

 I would have loved to have vocals on this as I am not too sure about making an EP without vocals. I am sure there would have been some thinking behind that. The production seems to be really good. Mountain Witch succeeds by combining serious heaviness with some southern rock styling’s and groove for the best song on a very good EP.

Mountain Witch might surprise some of their fans with this self-titled EP because of its different approach on vocals, but overall they will appreciate the efforts on the Guitars and the Drumming. It is pretty well done. One let down is the two intros which are more like fillers. When an EP is running without vocals, I am not too sure on intos and outros being added. Nevertheless, Mountain Witch’s EP is worth a listen once. 
Review By Mahesh
Mountain Witch @ Myspace


Posted March 1, 2011 by doommantia in Mountain Witch

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