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Deep Desolation are a band from Poland that play blackened doom, slow and extremely miserable. I know nothing about the band except this is their début after two years in existence. There is really not a lot I can say about this except it is predictable and sounds like a million other bands. Like most bands within this realm of suicidal doom-metal, the roots of their sound start with Black Sabbath but slowed down and sludged up. The problems with this album are varied, for one they play it all so safe. Songs start good enough, usually with a good riff but then fail to go anywhere. There is no dramatic changes, no dynamics and basically the entire album is in repeat mode for 52 minutes. The album ends just the same as the album started with absolutely no imagination. The riffs are good enough and some of the passages do have a mesmerizing quality but it is all too little to make anything on this album memorable for any length of time. The band play it safe in every department, the vocals of Martinous is real going-through-the-motions kind of stuff and the guitar work of Meriath and Markiz sounds pre-programmed and robotic with no feeling.

Some of the lyrics are particularly bad, song-titles like “Mass Murderer’s Ejaculation” and “Christ’s Incest” will give you some idea of how immature they sound and you can trust me, the actual lyrics are worse than you possibly could imagine. While their attempt of mixing black-metalish themes with doom metal is largely way off the mark, they almost make it interesting in a couple of songs. The opening track “Call Of The Abyss” is decent but when you discovered the same formula is basically repeated another 6 times, it gets boring very quickly especially when the formula wasn’t that good to start with. The only track to break the mold is “Christ’s Incest” and that sadly it is the albums worst track. To be fair, the band does have the potential to be so much better than this. Also, at least the songs are mostly short and concise so it is not too much of a painful listening experience. I think I have stigmatized Deep Desolation enough already but if they can add more dynamics to their songs in the future, they could have something. For now, I am struggling to remember even one second of this album. Instantly forgettable……4/10
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Posted March 3, 2011 by doommantia in Deep Desolation

2 responses to “Deep Desolation – Subliminal Visions …

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  1. The band would be a good laugh if they wasn't so bad. Spot on review.

  2. The problem with this band is they are cheesy as hell and musically it is the stuff of 10 year old's. They have potential but they have a long way to go before anyone can take them seriously.

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