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Facebook Bio – The egg has hatched and the snake started to crawl in April 2008 when Mark (vocals), Daniel, Luke (guitar), Toni (bass), veterans experience in the gothic band Fields of Jena [1998-2008 ] have decided to start a new musical adventure. It remained to find a drummer to fully arouse the serpent who lay shivering in the sand. In May, Anthony (ex – Funk and The Kitchen Yage, rock bands in the “Castanese”) was added to the group, bringing his wealth of experience and completing the training. Thus was born the project Coil The Red, a mix of metal, stoner, alternative, the taste of beer and whiskey. Multiple influences [Down, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Pink Floyd, Pantera, Cathedral, just to name] merged with the idea of making music live, rough, no frills. The Red Coil The name is linked to the concept of Kundalini energy that resides in the human body at a subtle level. It is traditionally represented by a sleeping serpent, wrapped around the base of the spine in three turns. The awakening of Kundalini is a kind of Dante’s journey in which you go from hell to paradise to discover, in fine, that heaven and hell are the image of the one and only dealing with your animal spirit the individual can attain liberation. The Red Coil’s music is the soundtrack for this trip … “Alcohol & altered.” Within months, the chemistry of the group has now borne fruit, The Red Coil have produced several songs, they performed in September 2008 for the first time, getting great feedback from the public and are now ready to spread their music wherever possible. In the coming months will begin recording a promo CD of three songs at the same time will be scheduled the next date.
Bevetevi a glass waiting. Stay tuned for more news!
… free the coiled snake drink and let it rise!

DrD. The Red Coil is a new band. Please give us some info about you.

M.: We play music together since about 12 years. When our previous band split up we decided to start a new project playing something raw and groovy. In 2008 Antonio joined the band and soon our mix of stoner, rock and sludge took shape.
The dusty trail were blazed… some drinks, cigarettes on the pocket and The Red Coil started their journey. In 2009 we published our first Ep “Slough Off” including 3 songs. We have received a lot of good feedback and thanks to this we participated in the “Sludge Swamp Comp. Vol. II “.
The Comp. and our Ep are available for free download on our myspace.
This is the actual line up: Marco Marinoni (voice), Luca Colombo and Parini Daniele (guitars), Toni Viceconti (bass), Antonio “Bull” Carluccio (drum). That’s all!

DrD: In Slough Off you were moving somewhere between commercial heavy metal forms and stoner/southern sound. Can you tell us what direction you are planning to follow in your debut?

?.:We have about 10 song quite ready for our debut. We have played some of these in our recent live shows and we will to play something new in the near future to see how we feel songs and how people will receive the new material.
We have extended our range of influences, but now the only thing for sure is we will not turn into a commercial way.
We are growing old but we have more will to play heavy and loud than never before! There’ll be more groove, sludge and doom compared to the Ep and some psychedelic part too. Anyway you’ll recognize our style.
We are working on a pre-production of the songs and we can’t wait to start the recording sessions; we hope to begin this spring. It’ll really kick ass !

Dr.D: Judging by your EP you seem to like mixing southern elements in your recipe. I was wondering: how do you see this movement of newer metal bands turning to classic southern rock for inspiration?

M.:It’s good … We started this project wishing to play something that gives us good vibrations. No frills! just good groovy riffs and some whiskey melodies.
So we came back to our love for rock, southern, psychedelic music, after some years of different interests. Maybe It’s the same for the other bands.
Moreover we noticed that the medium age of the people involved in the “stoner” movement (players and audience) it’s a little higher than others kind of metal genre, so when a band starts playing it’s easier to come back to the roots and draw on something more classic to complete their “metal sound”.
Well , “seventies” has something magic and immortal and If you love Music
soon or later you have to admit that it’s fucking charming.

Dr.D: How is the stoner/sludge scene in Italy? Do you know any new bands worth mentioning?

M.: It’s still underground but it’s genuine and there is a good brotherhood between the bands.
We fall into the stoner metal scene not really planning that, but soon we have noticed the passions and the great quality of involved musicians.
There is an Italian internet community called Perkele we are part of, and there you can find a lot of great band, we can mention our “brothers” Midryasi, or Doomraiser, bands able to have success even outside Italy. There are also bands we have played with, still without a deal, with a great sound like Bones&Comfort, Da Captain Trips, King Bong, Trujiman, Bleeding Eyes and many more…
I have also cooperated for a song in the new record of Dustineyes a great rock’n roll band. There is a good vibration and we hope that the scene will rise more and more…

Dr.D: I’ve always believed that Italy produces very solid metal bands but very few of them manage to have success outside the borders. Is this accurate and if yes why is this happening?

M.: Yes it’s true … Why? If we knew it we aren’t without a deal and we will play more often in Italy and outside. Now we are doing all by ourselves and it’s hard…
We are thinking to try with an agency, when our new material will be ready, we hope to have more chances, even if they usually ask money and in addition we don’t have so much time to spend now.
The problem is that when you are young you have time to spend but not money, when you grow you can have some money but also family and work responsibility and less time.
Outside Italy there’s a different musical culture, guys often start studying music and playing an instruments at school, they start younger and so there is more chance to have a band with good experience before they are 20 years old.
Only the passion for playing music and sweat on stage gives us the power to carry on against all the difficulties. And this is the situation of many band in Italy.

Dr.D: I see that you are also involved with Hindu philosophy. I am no expert but I thought that Hindu philosophy is all about techniques that aim to provide spiritual tranquility. Sounds weird for a metal band doesn’t it?

M.: I can say that I’m the only in the band with a concrete interest in Hindu/oriental philosophy, I’ve been in Nepal some week ago with Luca (guitar)… it’s a really magic place!
I understand your question, but for me all the oriental philosophies are font of inspiration for my way of living and thinking and for and my lyrics, but I don’t practice yoga or relaxing exercises. I like more the “left hand path” style. My first reading about Hinduism were about an ancient tradition called Aghora the most extreme and fascinating form of the Tantra. It is said that Aghoris drink liqueurs, smoke ganja, eat meat; they use a human skull as a bowl… fucking metal isn’t it?
I like the approach to the religion of Aghoris, totally free , desecrating… unconventional.
It could seems a contradiction but it’s only another way to self realization.
We have also used Hindi symbols and Sanskrit in our graphic , booklet, merchandise, and stuff like that and it seems that people like this!

Dr.D: Your are a very fresh band but have you performed any lives yet?

M.: In the north of Italy we had the chance to play a lot of lives shows with many bands (some mentioned before) , last year we played with Lucky Funeral a great sludge band from Greece; now we’d like to go a little far from around our City but I must say it’s getting harder to find place where you can play in reasonable conditions in Italy.
We are trying to cooperate with other bands to help the stoner scene growing. We will work hard, hoping that the 2011 will be a great year for The Red Coil and the Italian movement !

Dr.D: Thanks for this small interview! Before we close the final words belong to you!

M.: First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in our music , it has been a pleasure answer to your question.
What else … download our Ep it’s free … and spread it wherever you want !
Take a drink and let the coiled snake rise !
Interview By Dr. Doom Metal ( Dr.Dooms Lair )
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