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Finally after nearly 8 eight years since its first inception, Maryland’s supergroup (well, almost) of doom, stoner and sludge metal War Injun have at last released the début full length album. J.D. Williams – Vocals (Internal Void), Kyle VanSteinburg – Guitar (Earthride), Kenny Staubs – Guitar (Outside Truth), Dave Morgan – Bass (Beyond Fatal, Leviathan A.D.) and JB Matson – Drums (Outside Truth) makes up this powerhouse unit. The band also used to have in its ranks, Dave Sherman on bass from Earthride, King Valley, Los Tres Pesados and Spirit Caravan so we are talking quality history here folks. War Injun’s only other recordings to date have been a very early demo and a split EP with Dawnrider released in 2005. Adding even more credibility to this début album is producer Bruce Falkinburg who worked with The Hidden Hand and the acclaimed master of the knobs, Chris Kozlowski who did the mastering for the album. What is great from the outset is the return of JD Williams on vocals, it is awesome to hear his voice again after the demise of the great but much under-appreciated Internal Void. So with the quality line-up in place and a production team of the very highest standard, you would expect this to be great and it is in every detail.

“Loaded and Damned” is the disc’s opening track and it is only a matter of seconds before J.D Williams commanding voice makes its presence known by hollering out the song-title and in turn setting the tune off on its pulverizing journey. This son-of-a-bitch is heavy, I mean real heavy but the power comes from the band as a whole unit with each member delivering a killer performance all in their own unique style. As you just read, the band has members from Earthride and Internal Void and the band does sound like a blend of those two bands in many aspects of this recording. It is also clear from the opening couple of minutes that if you dig those two bands, you will be in a stoner-doom fantasy-land while listening to this. If the opening barnstormer didn’t knock you to the floor, the following “Quest for Fire” will, if not you must be dead. This song kicks off with a lot of energy, especially from JB Matson on the drums. This song benefits from having an infectious chorus and from sounding very different from the opening track but you soon discover how varied and diverse this band is as every song has its own identity and character. It is interesting to note that three songs, ‘A Dangerous Prayer’, ‘No Worry Woman’ and ‘New Ink’ have been released before but have been re-recorded for ‘Tribal Eulogy’ and each of these tracks are major highlights on the album. ‘A Dangerous Prayer’ has killer grooves and hooks, ‘No Worry Woman’ is solid and driving while ‘New Ink’ is a classic riff-fest that could have only come from a band from the Maryland scene. If you think of bands like Pentagram and The Obsessed and then listen to the supreme riffing on this track, you will understand what I mean.

Elsewhere on the album, you get the doom-laden wah-wah riff that is on ‘Distance’ which is one of the albums most stunning tunes. This song has great tempo changes and the twin guitar attack of Kenny Staubs and Kyle VanSteinburg are on fire during this tune, check out the searing guitar solo in the track’s second half for an electrifying blast of sonic delights. Four tracks in and you get the stomping ‘Patience and a Shovel’ complete with more adrenaline-draining hooks. One vital element with this album is the hooks are just as important as the riffs and there isn’t one moment on this album that is not catchy in some way. ‘Ghost Dance’ and the bands theme-song ‘War Injun’ also supply incredible riffing for you heavy-music aficionados to go nuts over, both killer tracks. The album ends on another masterpiece titled, ‘Razorwire, Guards & Stone’ which delivers more blistering lead work to finish the album on the highest of all possible high-notes. What I dig is the blend of heavy-rock approaches you can hear on this album. There is a very modern edge to some of it with big doom-laden riffs of the traditional kind but there is also a nod to the buzzsaw guitar of the early 80’s bands like early Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. Add to that some soulful moments and classy 70’s hard rock passages and you get a very diverse heavy-rock experience. I think and I may be a little wrong but most of this, if not all of it was recorded a long time ago and this album has been in the can for a very long time. That just makes this even more impressive as this sounds very fresh. The production is excellent as the guitars and especially the drums are mixed perfectly and if you love big, powerful drum sounds then you must check this out.

There is not many albums worth waiting a long time for but ‘Tribal Eulogy’ is one release that the wait has been worth it. This album was released by Blood And Iron Records on November 20th, 2010 and is now starting to make waves but I have a feeling that give it a few more months, this album will be on everyone’s playlist and will rank highly in the top 10 lists by the end of the year. Sadly I didn’t get to hear the album till a few weeks ago, if I had of heard it when it was released it would have been in my top 10 of 2010 as this is a killer release. Seek this album out as soon as you can, it won’t leave your player for weeks……….9.5/10
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  1. JB here, War Injun drummer. THANK YOU for your kind words and supreme review!!
    Listeners enjoying our groove makes it all worthwhile.
    Believe me there is more War Injun to come, so keep your ears peeled.

    Stay doomed and heavy-+-+-+-JB

  2. Thanks JB !!

  3. BADASS!!!
    Only thing I can find negative about this album is all but 3 of the tracks are on there 2004 Demo. I was really hoping to hear more new tunes.

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