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Palm Desert from Poland have released their latest record “Falls of the Wastelands” and there is no surprise to see such a talented band from that region. It has been sometime listening to a good Stoner doom with variety .

The opening track ‘Fallen star awakening’ sets up the tone for this entire journey of totally stoned feeling and it is quite a pleasant introduction to this album. The riffs are very dusky, the dry and tuned ‘dusty’ guitar sounds gives me the chills.

The track ‘Imagine eyes’ immediately makes one think of the band, Soundgarden. The vocal and the guitar style is more tuned towards the Psychedelic bands of Seattle. The stand-out track of the album has to be ‘Yerba Mate’ and the catchy guitar tunes will run on in your mind forever.

Ostensibly this is some sort of sludge/stoner/doom/drone metal and superficially it bears a passing resemblance to many of the great sludge/stoner doom albums, but there are subtle differences. Palm Desert is far more heavier, both in sound and atmosphere. Franek’s vocals flow very well with Jajo’s guitars and it is a great combination. The individual instruments congeal into a lumbering, lurching monster, monolithic in both heaviness and intensity. The drums pound; the bass drum is full, low and thick, while the crash and ride are near constantly ring-war drums. The drums usually take the last seat as they are bit monotonous for this music most of the time and same holds good here.

I’ve had this record for less than a week and it’s been spinning on my turntable whenever I’m free. Just the way Kyuss once did it, these fuzz-busters seem to love going downhill on the desert dunes. It’s nothing new and it’s been done a thousand times before; but it’s still good stuff and should be interesting for people who are a great fans of Electric Wizard, Acid King , Heavy Lord etc. The production, though, is simply amazing and the record has come out really very well

“Falls of the Wastelands” is a wonderful album and it is a must in the collection of fans who are into Stoner doom.
Review Written By Mahesh
Palm Desert @ Myspace


Posted March 8, 2011 by doommantia in Palm Desert

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