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s‘The Murderous Altitude’ marks the third release from the one man band, the London based Derelict Sermon. I was generously sent 3 albums from main-man Martin Daniels ( Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums/Lyrics ) but this latest one stands out as being the pick of the three. With a sound that is somewhere in the middle of raw, old school death-metal and Iron Monkey kind of heavy sludge-metal, this is a pulverizing album from start to finish. Opening track ‘Squidsmokescreen’ sets the ugly tone for the rest of the album with screaming vocals, thrashing guitar work and a relentless rhythm that is like having your head in a cement-mixer. The production in primitive but it is better on this album compared with the other releases in the bands back catalog, ‘Derelict Sermon’ and the following ‘Wardycurse.’ After the chaos of the opening track comes ‘Volpe’ which isn’t exactly a ballad either as it barrages through with fairly fast hardcore thrash kind of riffing with a dirty, thick doom guitar sound. Vocals are spewed forth rather than sung and the track is remarkably atmospheric considering its upbeat, vicious attack. I can’t really say I hear any mind-blowing riffs but the energy and passion is there.

‘Female Bombmaker’ is the next onslaught of a song and I am starting to wonder how can one man make such a noise. The intense riffing, the raw vocal screeching and the pounding drums and bass is almost too much to be coming from just one person but it does. Without a doubt, Martin Daniels is one very talented musician but he is also must be slightly deranged and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Some of his work on here is the work of a madman!! ‘Ambush Techniques’ follows in typical Derelict Sermon fashion, raw, energetic and totally unhinged while ‘Authoritarian Assasination’ offers up one of the albums best tunes if you can call it a tune. This is violence set to music, a twisted, musical torture that takes Hellhammer’s tribal, primitive riffing, adds some death-metal aggression and dishes it up to the sound of pure overly amplified sludge-metal. ‘Gerdas Crown’ is up next and features extra background vocal wailing courtesy of Lopa Rothart (who also contributes vocals on the last track) and this is the most ‘doom’ of all the tracks on the album. It is more hypnotic than the rest of the songs so it automatically becomes a stand-out track just for that reason alone.

The title track and ‘In League With Samantha’ (love these song-titles) follows in the same vein as most of the album, atmospheric but very loose in its delivery of the music. It still sounds tight but it has a live in the studio feeling about it. ‘Organisation Bait’ is more tortured sounding sludge meets thrash but the album starts to get a bit repetitive by this stage. The album ends on a great track though titled ‘Leonica.’ This is another doomy number with atmospheric, bizarre riffs, eerie keyboards, strange demonic sound effects and a mix of high-pitched vocals and ghastly growls. This ends this almost hour-long album and it is a punishing, listening experience that you will either love or leave you feeling indifferent as I can’t see how anyone could dislike anything on this. Some of it is extreme with guttural vocals but it is also layered with elements of doom and it oozes atmosphere. It also crosses over many ‘heavy’ genres so should appeal to a variety of listeners. ‘The Murderous Altitude’ will hardly change the world but in a world where one-man bands run rampant on Myspace and on the Internet in general, this is a refreshing dose of quality. Highly recommended…….8/10
Derelict Sermon @ MySpace
Derelict Sermon @ Beowolf Productions


Posted March 10, 2011 by doommantia in Derelict Sermon

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