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Here is an interview with Mr.W and Mr.D from the ever mysterious Aethyr put together by our Russian doom guru Aleks. Hope you enjoy the read and support the band by buying the CD via the Doommantia Webstore. In case you are wondering – Aethyr is a reference for the fifth element, or spirit, in various forms of Metaphysics and Occultism (such as Hermeticism, Magick, Wicca, Neo-Paganism, & the New Age movement).

-Salute! Who from Aethyr is on-line today? Is the band a duet still?

Mr.W ? Mr.D: Hi. This is Aethyr in complete membership. There are two persons. May be in future situation will change, but not now.

-Let me start our interview with sincere congratulations in your address – Aethyr released first full-length CD “Messio” and it’s good news! What are you impressions after getting this CD? The album has very good decoration – is it work of R.A.I.G records?

Mr.W: Thx. It is a first LP and nothing can stop us now. It is great that we have opportunity to work with R.A.I.G.. We should say “thx” to master Zonder Zond for great design of cd-case. We wanted good and black minimalistic cd that give a pleasure to hold.

Mr.D: We tried to do our best! But we don’t have time to take pleasure, ‘cause we’re creating the new material for now!

-You planned to organize an exhibition of art-works dedicating to Aethyr – what about it? Who is an author of this idea?

Mr.W:  Mostly it will be an artwork for Aethyr releases. And other stuff in similar style also.

Exhibition will be taking place in one of Moscow art gallery. I think we make some live show as well.

-I couldn’t say that “Messio” is a debut for Aethyr because you took a part in split-CD “Dirgenera Quadrivium – M.M.I.X.”. What did this work mean to you? There was only one song of Aethyr, CD was released as limited edition (100 copies or so) – it looks like some club-edition for true worshipers of inner circle of dark drone cult.

Mr.D: It was the very beginning and that’s very important for the band! It was the very beginning of physical history of Aethyr!

Mr.W: It was our first step. We have some records and it was a good opportunity to realize it. There was a two composition combined in one track.

-R.A.I.G. site says that Aethyr is a “heavy-drone ritual” musical journey. How does a “ritual” component manifest itself in your music? What is it? Black mass, pagan rites or act of worship to anonymous somber emanations which were evoked with your music?

Mr.W: I signed our music as experimental. Connecting to any established traditions or tendencies is wrong way. We’re seeking new form of self-expression and new sound. Music is an immersion in deep inside and in out in same times. And term “journey” is well suitable I think.

Mr.D: I would call our music – “funeral doom”. You need to listen to it at the funeral, thinking about eternity! Listening to the music – is our main ritual.

-Do you compose all of your stuff fully consciously? What do drive you expect a wish just to “gather and play music which you like”?

Mr.D: To express all the emotions from the inside – that’s why we do create with no matter – will it be published or not! What was the main force? Make the best soundtrack to the funeral of all what is bright & alive!

Mr.W: We want to make something new in spite of impossibility of this task. We do not want to make an end of the world or make million dollars with our music we just want to make our pastime more constructively.

-I told with gentlemen of Ehnahre and Locrian bands in November-December – bands play different music but they have similar motive in their art: both of them said that dissonance is a main component of their sound, it’s a basis. Which role does disharmony play in Aethyr?

Mr.W:  Using of disharmony is just a way or tool. We want to make our music different and consist from other conflicting elements. Kind a balanced chaos.

Mr.D: “Disharmony”? What is that? I’m pretty sure – our music is very melodic, harmonic & kind to the ears of usual music listener and every radio station would love to put on air our tracks at prime time! We just didn’t send them our tracks…yet))

-Ha! Then it would be logical to wait an album of remixes from Aethyr! Don’t you think to record this one? Industrial and drone often walk hand in hand.

Mr.W:  Nice idea. I like some kind of dark electronic but now we interested in make instrumental music but with “electronic components” such as repeating loops, noises , soundscaping. Made by not software but strong live instruments.

-Ether is all-penetrating substance, weightless element (“rippling of it reveal themselves as light or electromagnetic waves”), but your “aethyr” is dark, viscous and heavy as mercury. How does the name of the band reflect on your music?

Mr.D: The name was found at one book from the 80’s. It’s author is dead for now, but many musicians from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even 00’s were inspired by Him. We don’t have lyrics, so the name of the band should be universal to replace lyrical messages, etc.

Mr.W: I see Aethyr music as big dark viscous mass. Creeping slow and roll over forward and make noise of thousand different pieces inside.

-What do you feel listening Aethyr? There’s a theory of binaural effect – I wouldn’t like to describe it whole – I’ve read of it in article about so called “sound meditations”. The article said about specific influences of noises in certain frequencies onto human brain – the listening of such noises favors to relaxation of a mind and harmonizes psychic processes. I think that this idea is clear enough, so how do you see your music from this point of view?

Mr.W: Sounds good, but we don’t make it specially. It will be great if such effect have reach of someone.

Mr.D: “One long orgasm” © Jeff Hanneman

-Which samples did you record in tracks of “Messio” (“a.s.c. II” for example)? Is it Crowley speaking on a radio addressing to nations?

Mr.D: I’m sure – he WAS acting) and that’s His records from the very beginning of XX century, that were found at grandma’s trunk at the loft, that she saved through the perestroyka (reformation)!

-What are other songs of “Messio” about? Why did you split album on three groups – “occultus”, “mass” ? “a.s.c.”? I want to know your opinion.

Mr.D: It’s about love of course) “Mass” is about meeting each other. “Occultus” – perception and disappointment. “A.C.S.” – solitude and death.

Mr.W: I think it very difficult to describe our music by words. We treating by sound – not text.

-Track “mass II” creates stunning atmosphere with it’s hypnotic rhythm and esoteric keyboards sound. But as I think other songs lack of melodies at all… they are more rough and rigorous…

Mr.W. There are a lot of melodic, but it is very specific.

Mr.D: You just need confluence of physical body with audio – to get all the hidden messages!

-There is a track “ave S” into “Messio”. Is it about Stalin?

Mr.D: We hail the snake from Our cover/logo!

Mr.W. S is an entropy in physic. Entropy is a measure of chaos. Our music can’t be described like ordered.

-Does your membership in Dirgenera community give any results for band’s promotion? Well, there is stonerrock.ru community and it’s members promote their bands, organize gigs and collaborate with each other; there’s a some kind of doom-community around Solitude Productions… So what’s about Aethyr?

Mr.W. There was a concert with support of Dirgenera. Actually it is great when people make something together and help each other. But we are on our own now. May be it will change may be it will not.

-Don’t you think of taking a part in organization of Dirgenera’s gigs? Is there any meaning to streamline creative energy of bands through such communion?

Mr.W. It’s a good idea to help persons holding the same views. But when people start misunderstand each other then begins disconnect. It’s about all communities. There is a necessity to predisposition for organize something. I don’t have such one.

-Did you aim to promote the band outside Russia?

Mr.W. Due to politics of R.A.I.G. our discs distributes in Europe and USA. In my opinion such music is more popular in the west.

-Will we have any chance to see gigs of Aethyr in nearby future in Moscow or in other Russian cities?

Mr.D: I’m not sure, that people are ready to conceive this music live in Our country!

Mr.W. We have plans to give gigs, but not often.

-“Ave A” is a free for download release of Aethyr which is available due to R.A.I.G. project “Accessory Takes”. What can you tell about it?

Mr.W. Everybody able to download free it on our page on label’s site  (http://raig.ru/aethyr.asp). It’s named “Ave A” and it consists of two tracks. “Dominus” is our first thing that we ever wrote and “Ave A” is a last one. This Ep is a distinctive reference point for us.

-By the way Ep is released as tape-edition! That’s a bloody strange! Why, men?

Mr.W. Audiocassette is a some kind a fetish. It is our respect for epoch of DIY black metal underground of 90-s. I do not think that they will be so popular. But it’s able to download free through web on the other part.

-Thank you for collaboration, that’s all for today. Good luck.

Mr.W. Thx a lot for question and as the saying is – DOOM ON!

Mr.D: “Silence – means death…”
Interview By Aleks Evdokimov

Aethyr @ Myspace
Aethyr @ R.A.I.G.
Buy The CD In The Doommantia Webstore


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