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Out in May 2011 via Bro Fidelity Records/Cobraside Distribution, this LP features Gary Arce from Yawning Man fame, and the Hotel Wrecking City Traders have been releasing heavy instrumental rock since 2007. This collaboration works out fine, resulting in two ‘giant’ tracks, each lasting over ten minutes: Coventina’s Cascade and Traverse of the Oxen. There’s not a whole lot to say about these two tracks, the main thing is that they are instrumental and they are looong. Overall, I have the feeling something is missing, but I’m not quite sure what. Maybe a hook, or a Memorable Riff? The two tracks sound like spaced out jams, leaning towards soundcapes and probably relying heavily on improv. To a certain degree, I would classify their sound as easy-listening heavy psychedelics, because the tracks tend to get under you radar, and you’ll notice them because they drink in so easily. This is superb homework music, or music to read to.

I do have a problem with the band’s name: I literally had to copy paste Hotel Wrecking City Traders ten times to finally ‘get’ the band’s name. What happened to catchy band names like Alabama Thunderpussy, War Injun & Goatsnake? Ask me again next week, and I have completely forgotten about this band’s name. Not the music, because the music is okay. But is it memorable? Time will tell. In a good rock tradition, the two tracks start in a slow pace, and build up to a climax. After a certain point, the pace drops again, and that keeps you sharp as a listener.

Hotel Wrecking City Traders have released an EP (2007), a full-length album called Black Yolk (2008) and a 7” named Somer/Wantok (2010). Gary Arce (The Sort of Quartet, Oddio Gasser, Yawning Sons, Dark Tooth Encounter, Waterways) is of course well-known from Yawning Man, one of the pioneers of the so called desert rock scene. Starting back in ’86, they originally consisted of Gary Arce, Alfredo Hernández, Mario Lalli, and Larry Lalli. They were one of the first bands doing generator parties in the desert, and we all know what came afterwards (Kyuss, Brant Bjork, etc.).

So, the album is great, although you have to be a in stoner, psychedelic, jamzy kind of mind to fully appreciate the album I think. The music is easily digestible, and I can imagine you’ll be blown away by their live sound.

There will also be a digital version of the album, be sure to check on Bro Fidelity Records (Australia) for more information.

Get enthusiastic by watching some live material here: YouTube
Review Written By Sandrijn van den Oever

7 / 10

HWCT @ Myspace
Official Website
Bro Fidelity
Bro Fidelity @ Facebook 


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