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This is the first official album of the band with the great name, ‘Who Dies in Siberian Slush.’ Some tracks were on early demo recordings but now they are finally recorded with the power and production they deserve. Recording and mastering was performed at Primordial Studio where Abstract Spirit, Revelations of Rain and Comatose Vigil have also recorded. ‘Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost’ is uncompromising album combining Doom Death and Funeral Doom in the vein of My Shameful. The album features the guest appearance of vocalists of Comatose Vigil, Amber Tears, Elnordia and Abstract Spirit. The only word to sum up this album is sadness, this is a devastating, emotional album of lamenting misery that is all about the atmosphere and not much else but if you enjoy being swept away by depressing ambient music, then I guess this might be for you.

Unfortunately, however the band doesn’t bring much to the funeral death doom table, musically speaking. It’s pretty much standard funeral doom that has been done before a million times and lacks any kind of innovation but they get full points for conveying emotional, sad atmospheric music. All the usual funeral doom trademarks are here, sloooooow tempos, distorted down-tuned guitars, death-metal vocals and melodic guitar solos which sound pretty bland to me. It is like they are trying just a bit too hard at being emotionally deep and in turn have churned out some cheesy melodies. When it does work though, this is a very skilful, slightly suspenseful slab of tragic funeral doom that is akin to watching a very long murder, torture or rape scene in a movie. It might me morbidly entertaining for the first few minutes and then it gets seriously depressing. The lyrics are not exactly uplifting either…

You are drifting so far in your boat of indifference
You are like my dope-fiend friends
Who died and deserted me in the end
So many die, so many make me sad ( The Woman We Are Looking For )

As you can see, the lyrics are not exactly the stuff of brain-surgery and are clichéd and cheesy but they do suit the overwhelmingly bleak melancholy of the music which is constantly stark naked in terms of guitar dynamics. The only other element within the band worth talking about it the use of piano which is in sharp contrast to the sound of heavy, distorted guitars. The rest of the instrumentation is just there filling out the sound and not doing much else. It sounds like the band are good players but there is nothing on here to get too excited about, it basically follows the death/doom and funeral doom formula to the letter. This is not a bad album at all but with so many other doom bands out there playing the same style and doing something a bit more interesting with it, this one is bound to gather dust pretty quickly. Have a listen to them on their Myspace before forking out the cash for the album would be my advice…..6.5/10
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Posted March 10, 2011 by doommantia in Who Dies in Siberian Slush

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