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Koloss is a rather new entry in the European down-tuned metal panorama but this band knows how to fight hard to hold its position on the frontline.

The band is active since 2007, although the line-up was stabilized man- and duty-wise only during 2010.

The present-day line-up includes four musicians from the small Swedish town of Vetlanda: Cristoffer P. Karlsson on vocals and guitar, Akexander Johansson on guitar, Henrik Hedberg on bass and Oskar Siggeström on drums.

The rather contorted story of the band and the making of the debut album (and the role of the coffee-maker) can be read in detail on the band’s myspace page and peeped to in a video filmed by Victor Clausson, ex-member and co-worker of the band.

The band is unsigned.

Koloss is such name-wise and music-wise. Their style has been self-tagged as Post Apocalyptic Metal, and you can have a clue of what this means.

You can sample the different shades of this style while listening to the band’s debut album,  End of the Chayot, which was completed at the end of 2010 and is available for full streaming and download from Bandcamp since early 2011. According to Myspace, a solid copy of the album can be purchased from the band.

The approach to heavy music adopted by these Swedes is surely influenced by their bulky country-mates Cult of Luna, which make up that three-headed post-metal monster together with Isis and Neurosis. But they mix straight post-metal with generous doses of heavy tunes, distorted riffs, punishing drumming and torn vocals freely borrowed especially from sludge and battle hardcore. Some atmospheric parts and elegant, complex melodic lines, though, are also reminiscent of some progressive metal or ambient and post-rock.

The “post-apocalyptic imprint doe not comes only from the energy waves conveyed by the tunes but also by the lyrics. These are, lest say, deeply pessimistic, as they deal with a miserable world’s end waiting for humanity if things are not going to change.

The insertion of  melancholic, emotional intervals into a dominant heavy and dark, occasionally rough metal matrix, the continuous oscillation between a sense of calm and beauty and the shock of destruction all make up Koloss’ style.

The album End of the Chayot includes 5 rather long tracks which are surely masterful constructions from the technical viewpoint (these guys definitely do know how to play …). However the long suites are swept by a wave of passion that, for me, is fuelled especially by the predominance of the heavier parts. Koloss’ music is very atmospheric but it also sticks to the band’s name as it is also remarkably heavy.

Koloss’ album has been widely spread around on the net by the band. Comparisons have been made, similarities have been drawn with the obvious classic as well as with other established or new acts, especially as Rorcal, or Forge of Clouds, and even Last Minute to Jaffna for the heavier parts.

I would personally add also fine bands such as Marasme, Naisian and Mentat, although Koloss maybe are a tiny bit less launched into experimentation than the latter.

Anyway, as with several other fine bands populating an ever growing and highly stimulating atmospheric sludge / post-metal panorama, in Koloss brutal energy and beauty come as waves and drag you into an emotionally involving sonic experience.

Koloss’ album has been saluted with much enthusiasm basically everywhere This enthusiasm is due and deserved. We’ll hear more from these guys …   8.5

Review by Marilena Moroni

Koloss @ Myspace

Koloss @ Bandcamp

The making of Koloss’ album here


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  1. Koloss means ass in Greek…

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