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What is it with instrumental bands these days? Is there a shortage of singers all of a sudden? Thorun from Wales are another band that have decided to go vocalist-free but it seems to work for them so well that a screaming, grunting or growling singer would most likely take away some of the sonic-excellence this band has to offer. Sitting somewhere in the middle of doom, stoner-metal and straight out swampy-sludge metal, Thorun deliver 6 tracks on this EP that manages to cook up pulverizing power and intensity while keeping a sense of pure old rock and roll energy going. While other bands would lose control of themselves and turn the music into an oppressive, bombastic noise-fest, Thorun remain heavy as hell but with an infectious rock and roll swagger.

The vegetarian’s nightmare ‘Cow smashed In To Meat’ opens this EP in a fairly simple way, straight-forward riffs and sonic intensity are delivered in an economical way with nothing being over played or abused. The track is concise and has a spot-on arrangement so it’s a infectious track that is over before you know what hit you. ‘Buried Under 15 Tonnes Of Rubble’ is darker and more doom-laden and it sounds like more of a throwback to the height of the Maryland doom-scene. The riffing is straight out of the Wino handbook especially The Obsessed but what grabs you here is the guitar hooks that drag you in and spit you right out again. There is really no need for this band to have a vocalist on a track like this, they have enough hooks instrumentally to make this an infectious, memorable tune regardless. Like the opening tune it is around 6 minutes long but the time flies by as it is so catchy and concise. ‘Ghost Siren’ is not much more than a slightly irritating interlude and is best forgotten about but ‘Here Come The Robots’ is a great piece of Sabbathian groove metal in the Master Of Reality vein of Black Sabbath. The stoner-doom laden groove that Sabbath had in Sweet Leaf is here in ‘Here Come The Robots’ and yes you have heard it all before but this is still a killer track and one that is instantly embedded in your brain, it is one of the best tracks on the EP.

‘Look Mom! I Made A Death Machine’ (Great Title) is more stoner, doom-laden grooves but with more of a boogie-rock edge this time. This tune again proves that a vocalist is not needed in a band like this, the hooks, the grooves and the vibe of this recording is solid enough without a generic singer getting in the way. The other track on here is ‘We Have Reached Critical Mass’ and it is the most original and unique track of the 6 mainly due to the melancholic guitar work that opens the track. It also takes the band in a very different direction, it is less Sabbath and more Alice In Chains meets Karma To Burn kind of instrumental metal going on here. I am not sure how much I like this track, it seems to be one of the less impressive tunes for my tastes. There is a thing on The Sleeping Shaman about this band asking the question, if they got a singer, what kind of vocalist would suit them best? I don’t know but for my money, a vocalist might cause them to lose what they have already got. The band is hook-laden, instrumental magic and this EP is a grower that gets better with every spin. It is not perfect but it comes close at times and if this is anything to go by, the future for this band is going to be nothing short of amazing……8.5/10
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  1. Thanks for the review guys!

    Keeran (Thorun)

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