Lord Vicar Do The Splits With Funeral Circle & Griftegård …   1 comment

Two split 7″ releases from Lord Vicar released in the last 3 months, one is better than the other but both very collectable. The first one is a split with Funeral Circle released on the Eyes Like Snow label. Lord Vicar’s one and only track is a killer doom track titled ‘The Fear of Being Crushed’ and if you have already heard Lord Vicar, there is no big surprises, just more classic doom-metal played the way it should be played. Funeral Circle’s has two tracks, the first is ‘The Hexenhammer’ which is perhaps the best song I have ever heard from the band, you got to hear this. The other track is a cover of Witchfinder General’s ‘Burning A Sinner’ and it is a decent version, not really great but they give the original a fair run for its money. Overall, this is essential if you are fan of both these bands, a great Lord Vicar tune, a Funeral Circle monster in ‘The Hexenhammer’ and a good Witchfinder General cover. It is a must have situation………..9/10

The other Lord Vicar split released in January on Van Records is with the awesome Griftegård. This one is not so great mainly due to the choice of tune from Lord Vicar. It is a cover of ‘Do You Believe?’ which is a song originally written and performed by pop band, The Cardigans. I had to hunt around the Internet to find the original version of this song but I wish I hadn’t, it is pretty awful in my opinion. Nevertheless, Lord Vicar doom the song up and make it listenable but out of all the cover versions you could choose, why this one? The Griftegård song on side B is called ‘A Deathbed for All Holy’ which is a throwaway tune by Griftegård standards. I love this band but this song is not up to their usual standard and sounds a little like a filler track dropped from their last album. I wouldn’t kill yourself over this 7″ unless you are a fanatic of these two bands but it is decent enough……6/10

Lord Vicar Official MySpace
Griftgård @ Myspace
Funeral Circle @ MySpace


Posted March 28, 2011 by doommantia in Funeral Circle, Griftegård, Lord Vicar

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  1. good site keep up the words of DOOM

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