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‘Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands’  is a two-way doom-metal split from Eastern Europe. It features the Russian doom band The Moon Mistress and Snakerider from the Ukraine. Two incredibly heavy acts but with two vastly different approaches despite having similar influences. The Moon Mistress are more on the droning side of doom while Snakerider are more in the traditional stoner-doom vein. One thing both these bands have in common is the influence of bands such as Electric Wizard and Sleep are those influences do shine over the course of this 30 plus minute split out on ‘Pestis Insaniae Records.’

Starting with two tracks from The Moon Mistress who are the most ‘way-out’ of the two bands, they deliver two killer tracks that have a total other-worldly quality. The band takes psychedelic-doom to the outer regions of space and bring it back to earth with a gigantic thud especially in the track ‘Witches.’ There is large amounts of reverb and psyche-out interplay within its musicians along with a floating, cosmic atmosphere. The distant vocal approach gives the music a tripped-out vibe and is also kind of creepy in its own way. The Moon Mistress take a slightly different approach here compared to their 2010 demo, it is less plodding and more diverse but still very heavy. The other song from the band on this split, ‘Metropolis’ is equally as mesmerizing. Without a doubt, this band is one of the best new bands to emerge from Russia and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on.

Snakerider however are a bit more generic, influenced by Ufomammut, Sod Hauler, Electric Wizard, Colour Haze and Bongzilla, all these influences are obvious throughout their 4 songs which are more concise than the Moon Mistress tracks but also more predictable. However, they still deliver the stoner-doom goods. The opening track from them, ‘Us, Who Saw the Reason’ is a sludgy, filthy beast of a tune. It follows the stoner-doom blueprint to the letter but it is incredibly infectious, the riffs get you hooked immediately. ‘In Her Eyes’ has the band hitting the gas slightly, it is also more dynamic and has great vocals. ‘Cold Seas’ is about as generic as this kind of sludge-stoner-doom can get but its second half makes the journey worthwhile, it simply burns with doom power. ‘Four Twenty’ is about (as you might have guessed) the smoking of the mighty weed. Yes, once again predictable subject matter but musically, heavy as f**k.

The Moon Mistress are the best band in my opinion on this split, they just sound more interesting to me but that is not taking anything away from Snakerider either. They are one band that will appeal to bong-addicted sludge doom fans everywhere but don’t expect anything unique. They simply follow the example created by their influences but at the same time, they do a kick-ass job of it, really heavy band. So, you can’t go wrong here. If you are looking for something incredibly crushing from two newish bands, this is an essential split album to pick up. For fans of Electric Wizard, Bongzilla, Sleep and Sons Of Otis. ….8.5/10
Snakerider @ Myspace
The Moon Mistress @ Myspace
Pestis Insaniae Records


Posted March 28, 2011 by doommantia in Snakerider, The Moon Mistress

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