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Dying Embrace

A lot of people have been wondering what the metal scene is like in India. Well, Doommantia writer Mahesh has sent in a report on Trend Slaughter which was a recent metal festival held in the country. Check it out….Ed

They came, they saw and Doom/ Death ruled the house for 8 hours….
The first TREND SLAUGHTER FEST; an extreme metal event organized by Cyclopean Eye Productions, a new extreme metal venture in association with The Undergrind and Gigbox; was a success no matter which way you look at it. If you examine the history of other successful annual festivals around the world, nearly all of them started small and grew into monster events. Looking at the way this fest went about; it has all the signs of getting bigger and better in the years to come. It is very rare to get some quality bands in India with extreme music as their tag. But luckily we got to see Five bands in Bevar Sea, Gorified, Dying Embrace, Culminant, headlined by Orator of Bangladesh. I was proud to  be a part of it and for those who missed out, look out for it the next time.

The first band to assault the ear-drums was Bevar Sea – a doom/stoner band from Bangalore and they meant business when they hit the stage around noon. Combining traditional doom sounds with a dose of Stoner Doom approach to take the fans to another world; Bevar Sea was the perfect opening act. They were actually too good to be an opener and gave a dose of Stoner doom bringing fans on their toes. Their sound was incredible and extremely heavy. Srikanth and Rahul’s guitar was a gruesome beast and Deepak on the drums delivered pounding and crashing support to the gargantuan riffs that move from extra slow to even slower to mid-tempo chugging sections. As with these festivals, Bevar Sea’s set was a bit elaborate…but the fans weren’t complaining. Bevar Sea reminded many of Doom bands like Goatsnake and Pagan Altar to some extent. Bevar Sea certainly picked up some new fans with their performance.


Then came another interesting band Culminant who played some good old School Death Thrash. There were some good Cover Songs played from many Old school Death metal bands apart from a few of their own compilation. Culminant set the evening up pretty well.
The real fest started when Dying Embrace came to play their set, much to the buzz of the fans who had waited for them to take centre-stage. I last saw them way back in 1996 and it took 15 years for me to be a witness to their awesome stage presence again. Their EP “Grotesque” and “Serenades of Depravity” are simply mind-blowing old school Doom metal albums. A lot of old Autopsy and Black Sabbath could be seen as influences on Dying Embrace. In a live setting, Dying Embrace is staggering. Vikram has a terrifying presence on vocals, delivering the morbid lyrics with a sinister edge. The drumming of Deepak Raghu is apt for this style and Jimmy’s guitaring took the fans to another world altogether. The Dying Embrace sound brought out a chilling underscore to their menacing collection of tunes. They played some old Autopsy songs and it was really one of most unforgettable moments.

After this slaughter fest, the next to come to the fore were Gorified who played some Grind Death. Gorified is a two piece band with Gani on Guitars/Drums programming and Charlie on guttural vocals .They reminded me of Inhumate and Last Days of Humanity. Although most of their tracks were a minute and a half; they had the crowd on their side with lots of mosh pits and headbanging. The highlight of their show was that they were very well aligned with the drum machine and timed it perfectly. Overall it was one amazing show.

The fans eagerly waited for Orator to come on stage. Orator is a Death/thrash band from Bangladesh. There were a lot of expectations from this band; and they proved their mettle by tearing up the night with some amazing Riffs and Pounding drums. The fast and yet Groovy tracks made the crowd go wild. There were a lot of mosh pits and headbanging sessions all through, with everyone enjoying the performance to the hilt. Amit on vocals delivered some high quality vocal lines and monstrous guitaring. Partho’s drumming was fast and furious and both were well compliment by Vritra Ahi on Bass. The night ended with a lot of satisfaction for the fans who turned up in large numbers for the event.
Overall, TREND SLAUGHTER FEST was a thundering success. A lot of hard work put in by the promoters and specially folks like Sandesh, Kiran, Vikram and team made this the fest of the season and fans can’t wait for it to return.
Live Review By Mahesh 


Posted March 31, 2011 by doommantia in Trend Slaughter

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