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Steny Lda aka Walls of Ice are another band in Russia’s ever-expanding post-rock scene. Bands like Neurosis have a lot to answer for in starting this movement which interesting enough is dying off in the US, where is all started but getting more and more widespread in other countries especially Russia. This kind of progressive sludge metal or post-hardcore depending on your take on it is getting very predictable these days with very few bands doing anything original and this band is sadly no exception. This album has odd song-titles, just a series of random numbers and letters which have no relevance to the songs themselves. The scenic artwork on the album matches the atmosphere of the music which is mostly an instrumental blend of clean guitar and vocals with odd bursts of lumbering metal. Along with the use of Cyrillic signs they use in the artwork, they sing in Russian which makes finding any information about them close to impossible.

The vocals are a major reason for myself not liking this album too much but that is just my taste showing and you should judge it for yourself. The vocals are thin, high-pitched and slightly irritating in my opinion. It makes a change from the usual vocals you hear in the genre so I will give them points for that but overall the voice sounds very ineffective and don’t enhance the songs too much. ‘Steny Lda’ follow the post-rock formula right down to the last letter and in that respect, don’t sound original at all.

The problem though is more than just that, the sound of the band is quite pretty in the clean, quieter sections and almost verges on a Pink Floyd kind of vibe. However, when they do attempt something heavier and more dramatic, it also sounds thin so it lacks the power those sections deserve and desperately need.

There is some good melodies, atmospheric guitar solos and the music is good at creating a cold, barren musical sound-scape but there is nothing memorable about it. Listening to the album for about the 10th time didn’t help either, songs come and go leaving no lasting impact. It is a pity because the musicians themselves are obviously very good but the tracks and the production lack  power and dynamics. It is tough to rate this one, I like it in some ways but at the same time, I can never remember anything about it, even seconds after playing it. Judge this one for yourself…………5/10
Steny Lda @ MySpace
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Posted April 6, 2011 by doommantia in Steny Lda

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