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I am only a medium-sized fan of Neurosis and Cult of Luna so why would I like a second-rate version of those kind of bands? That is the case here with The Death of Her Money from South Wales. They play in the same post-rock meets sludge and doom vein as those bands and this album starts off with 2 pretty good tracks, after that however it all gets very mediocre and tedious, very quickly. This album’s opening track ‘Held Hands’ has huge distorted guitar passages and decent melodies. There is some fine riffing but it gets kind of buried under the distortion along with the drums and thus weakens its effectiveness. There is some angry vocals which are also kind of buried under the distortion but ‘Held Hands’ is a good apocalyptic, sludgy tune. The problem is the second track follows the same formula as does the third and so on and it all gets tedious about 20 minutes into the album.

The band is minimal and repetitive in musical style and in sound but it also has its moments. The album’s epic track, ‘Truth’ has more melody and less distortion and also some quieter passages. This makes for a break from the harsh and punishing rhythms that the band need repeats over and over again. The last track on the album called ‘Tonality Of Despair’ edges closer to traditional doom-metal and has a mesmerizing, depressing atmosphere and is full of emotion and I hate to say it but that is about it for highlights. Too much of this seems to be missing something – the second track for example titled ‘Enguelades’ would sound great if it had a big clear pounding drum-sound and precise, crunchy guitars but it doesn’t. Another track, ‘New Bodily Functions’ is an almost relaxing tune in comparison to the rest of the album and would have benefited greatly if it had some dramatic twists and turns, again it doesn’t happen.

‘You are Loved’ is very atmospheric, I will say that about it but it also lacks soul or something. It is hard pin-point where it goes wrong exactly but I am guessing it sounds too much like ‘Cult Of Luna’s second or third cousin. This is one of those albums you have to let soak in to get anything out of it and with thousands of CD’s to choose from, I just don’t have the time or the stamina. I am also guessing it is just too generic of a style that reached its use-by date for me many years ago. To be fair, a lot of post-rock enthusiasts will like this especially if you are just now exploring the genre. For more experienced listeners, it might just be too little, too late…….4/10
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Posted April 12, 2011 by doommantia in The Death Of Her Money

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