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Italian quartet A Cold Dead Body are another post-rock progressive sludge whatchamacallit band from Slow Burn Records but unlike The Death Of Her Money, (another slow burn records post-rock release) this band are very interesting indeed. This album titled ‘Harvest Years’ is ambitious and imaginative but still falls into post-rock clichés from time to time but unlike many bands in this genre, comparisons to Neurosis and the like are not warranted at all. They certainly have their own thing going and to a degree, their own sound. This is their début after 5 or so years together as a band and while it is far from perfect, this band has so much potential for the future that you need to keep an eye and ear on them from now on.

The band have the whole post-rock sludge down so no problems there but the clean, almost indie-rock vocals are an acquired taste. He has a powerful, throaty bellow to his voice but I wonder if a more guttural sound might be more appropriate for this style, that’s my take on it anyway. Musically this band is always experimenting and pushing their chosen genre to the limit so it is really hard to say what genre they really play. It is sludge, prog-rock, doom with leanings towards a free-form jazz fusion kind of attitude so this band can not be put in any specific genre. I know some people find that to be a bit of a turn-off and if you like your genres to be traditional and straight-forward, stay clear of these Italians.

The album questions human existence from opener ‘Semen’ to the album closer ‘Divinity’ and its emotional depth is staggering. Analyzing the album on a track-by-track bases is pointless as songs all merge into one another and it ends up sounding like one long 40 minute concept piece. Musically it is a little disjointed, crushing riffs melt into mellow sections but sometimes it sounds a bit clumsy. Mixing brutality with melancholy is not an easy task if you want it to sound seamless and here, it doesn’t work too well at times. When it does work however, it is incredibly exciting and mesmerizing. The shifts in moods with the shifts in musical genres means you are always guessing and nothing is ever predictable so this sounds fresh from start to finish even though I can not pick one favorite track, just favorite bits and pieces.

One negative is the production which sounds over-blown especially in the louder, heavier sections. On the other end of the scale is the gentle, mellow sections which sound a tad muddy. I will let it slide being a début album but the a band as diverse and musically colorful as this deserves to have top-shelf production and mastering and I don’t hear it here. Despite all that, this is a very interesting album but you will need a very open-mind to fully appreciate it. In conclusion, a very promising band and a very interesting but unbalanced album…….7/10
A Cold Dead Body @ Myspace
Slow Burn Records


Posted April 13, 2011 by doommantia in A Cold Dead Body

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