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Attention Pink Floyd fans, Europe’s masters of psychedelic space-rock Vibravoid are back with a new album titled ‘Minddrugs.’ This band from Germany carry on where Pink Floyd left off after their ‘Ummagumma’ masterpiece released in 1969. That is not to say that Vibravoid are Pink Floyd clones, far from it, the floyd never sounded as thick and bottom-heavy as this. However, Vibravoid conjur up images of all the swirling liquid projection light-shows of the late 60’s with their music, the pulsating psychedelic hypnotic vibe and the free-flowing jamming style.

To start this musical LSD trip off is the poppy but still very heavy, psychedelic ‘Seefeel’ which turns the clock back 40 years to a time when pop songs could be still be musically inventive but second track ‘What You Want’ sounds even more like a lost relic from the psychedelic 60’s. It starts very much in the Syd Barrett quintessential british psychedelic style before beefing itself up into a full-on psyche rocking tune. It is still poppy but the oscillating spaced-out vibe ensures it is anything but cheesy, this song rocks but I see some younger folks wondering what the hell is this kind of music? To say young people are out-of-touch with rock/pop music’s true beginnings would be a under-statement of course.

‘Do It Allright’ calms things down with a lush sounding track that acts like a bit of an interlude before launching into ‘You Keep On Falling’ which is a re-worked song from a 7″ single. This track is a nice, meaty chugger that grinds along for almost 9 minutes of pure sonic bliss, done the way only Vibravoid can do it. The following ‘Lost Intensity’ is a short and very trippy interlude that sets the mood for the closing epic and it is fitting, it is none other than a cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.’ This band doesn’t try to hide the floyd influence, it is in every facet of their playing and song-writing so this is a obvious good choice of a song for them to do.

‘Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun’ has been covered many times from bands like ‘Smashing Pumpkins to sludge metal greats ‘Nightstick’ who did a version on their ‘Blotter’ album. Vibravoid’s version is real long, so long it makes up about half of the entire album with a playing time of over 22 minutes. What is interesting though is by this stage of the album, it doesn’t sound that much like a cover. It really sounds like a logical extension of the albums previous tracks. Vibravoid’s take on the classic track is so good it would make Floyd jealous. Apart from extending the track, they don’t really take it anywhere that Pink Floyd wouldn’t have done if they had the chance but this is perhaps the best cover of this song, I have ever heard.

Vibravoid continue to amaze and continue to get better with every release. This is their fifth full length album and its no wonder they headline many big shows throughout Germany. Other bands with a love for the psychedelic and space-rock genre like Monster Magnet and Marillion regularly speak about how great this band is. Famous for their stunning live performances, it looks like that is only going to increase in 2011. They have many big festival dates lined up for 2011 including the great ‘Stoned From The Underground’ festival scheduled to take place in July of this year but back to this album. Space-rock and psyche-rock fans need this when it is released next month on ‘Sulatron Records.’ It is looking like being the number one psychedelic, space-rock album of the year. In the great words of Captain Beyond – Listen, jump on a moon beam and ride……..9.5/10


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  1. The CD is released by sulatron records Germany:
    the direct link to the CD:

    Space on!

  2. This CD is released by german Sulatron Records label:

    The directlink to the album is:

    Space on!

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