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Please thanks Aleks for this warts and all interview with The Bottle Doom Lazy Band guitarist Guillaume..

Nov 2005 : Birth of TBDLB
May 2007 : “The Beast Must Die” CD release (selfproduction)
June 2007 : Meeting and Signing with Emanes Metal Records
Sept 2007 : Fog becomes new bassplayer
Oct 2007.. : “The Beast Must Die” LP release (Emanes Metal Records)
May 2008 : Split CDr with THE DEAD IS TIRED WHEN THE MORNING COMES release (selfproduction – sold-out)
Nov 2008 : “Blood For The Bloodking” CD release (Emanes Metal Records)
May 2009 : Hemreich becomes new bassplayer
June 2009 : “Blood For The Bloodking” LP release (Emanes Metal Records)
Dec 2010 : release of the split EP “Doom Freaks” with our CHILDREN OF DOOM brothers

Q: Salute Guillaume! I hope that everything is alright now and nothing can stop us to do this interview at last. What is a current band’s state now? What do you do now when your last work with Children of Doom “Doom Freaks” CD finally released?

-Hi Aleks ! First, thanks for your interest !
Well, as you know “Doom Freaks EP” was released at the beginning of 2011 (not a CD, but a 7″ EP) and we’re actually working on the next album. We hope to record and release it before the end of the year. We’re not looking for gigs actually (just a 4 days tour in june with our brothers : Calliophis and Children of Doom) cause we really want to be focalized on new songs.

Q: Man, The Bottle Doom Lazy Band line-up has few changes from the year of it’s foundation – what is it know? Does everyone feel alright in the band? I hope that Bottle Ben got not problems with his liver and still able to sing all of these blasphemous incantations as before?

-We just had problems with bass players … The first one had to leave the band due to his job location. The second one for personnal reasons. Now Hemreich is on the band, and i really hope that will not change again cause we’re really five good friends. Guyome, our drummer, missed some gigs cause he had a tumour on a knee. But everything is OK now. Our 5 livers work correctly … Don’t worry about that ! haha

Q: Do alcoholic drinks play one of leading roles in creative life of The Bottle Doom Lazy Band? I know that name came from Ben, but can you clarify that moment – maybe he meant bottle of pills or milk! Who knows?

-Milk of course ! Seriously, we just imagine a bottle of doom… You know the last one you drink before your own death ! I’m dying but FUCK, I’ve to make a party before that ! We’re not a sad band with sad lyrics. We hate bands like My Dying Bride… We’re just a slow rock’n roll band. Alcohol was not used when we’re working on songs. We drink some beers during rehershals but we don’t need it to write some riffs.

Q: Why do you prefer beer? Which sorts do you like? You know about such stereotype as France means wine and Russia means vodka – sometimes it’s just rumors, it’s a bullshit!

-It’s not a bullshit ! France means red wine ! Haha. Generally we drink german or Belgium beers and irish or scottish whiskies. Red wine of course. My preferate are “Cotes du Rhones” and “Cahors”. You’ve to try it !

Q: Who are Children of Doom with which you recorded split-CD “Doom Freaks”? I’ve checked them – some new doom-band from France but I have nothing in my dossier on them!

-Children of Doom are our brothers from the North of France (Lille exactly) They created their band in 2008. Their first album will be released in a few month with the same label than us : Emanes Metal Records. Be ready to discover great songs! Get a beer and Headbang !!

Q: Guillaume then don’t forget to say “thanks” to Hooded Priest Luther because he was telling how great The Bottle Doom Lazy Band played at Dutch Doom Days! That’s why I search for your contacts Guillaume! What did you do on the DDD? With which tricks did you charm sir Luther and other honorable listeners?

-DDD was a good gig. And meet Hooded Priest again was really cool! It was the second time we played with them we already share the stage at La Chimere (LILLE) during the Spiritus Mortis tour in 2009. Luther is an incredible frontman and all are really cool guys. Their show was one of the best of DDD, I enjoyed Eternal Elysium and Place of Skulls of course! We just had fun on stage … I think it’s why people like our gigs… or dislike! Some people want that doom bands look sad or satanic! No Way!

Q: I’ll never believe that since 2008 (release of “Blood For the Blood King” album) you have only one new song – “Night of the Living Dead” which was included in split-CD. What’s about this song? And more than that – what’s about new stuff of The Bottle Doom Lazy Band?

-No. The next album is 80% composed. Due to our line up changes and also 3 of us have child now… we work slower than before. During “The Beast” and “Blood” sessions, I was living with Ben so it was easier to compose riffs and songs.

But the only important concerning new stuff is that we’ll be proud of it even if it’s released 3 years after “Blood”.

“Night of The Living Dead” was written only for this split project. The first with Hemreich on bass. It’s a perfect introduction of our next album. You’ll find more tempo’s changes. Fast riffs will be faster, and slow riffs will be slower than on “Bloodking”. It will more represents than we’re on stage.

Q: What kind of material you already composed for next album? Did you do some radical changes with you sound or do you stay the same? We need more groove and heaviness man!

– I agree that they’re a lack of groove on “Bloodking”. We’ll stay on the same way of course but with more variations. Listen the song “Night of the living Dead” on the Split with Children of Doom. You’ll have an idea of what you’ll find on the next album. Fearann will appear again with his bagpipes from hell one a song.

Q: Will you record, mix and master new album in a real studio? Which one would you like to choose?

-We’ll continue to work with Raph (Echoes Studio) for the mixing and Neb (Drudenhaus) for the mastering. We really like how they work and they perfectly know how TBDLB must sound.

Q: I always wanted to know – what does Ben sing in “Blood For the Bloodking” song, can you enlighten me in my ignorance?

-This song speaks about what died and becomes dust. Of the one who looks at it and who can’t move, otherwise he joins what died. He lost the faith, with no regret! And he drinks. And he roars in the street ” blood for him, the blood king!! “. But he is the Bloodking. He is the Living Dead. He drinks because the alcohol is a door which he has to take ! He is the blasphemy, he hates god, he knows that he is going to die, that the end of time comes, but he messes it: he raise the finger towards god and says to him that he annoys him. For us, it is exactly what represents the doom.

Q: Your music is bloody heavy, your sound is bloody dirty, it’s like medieval heretics chant their mass in some forsaken 2emetery. I prepared a special question for you, something like “Do you like the smell of burning heretics at the morning?” But let’s make things simple – how do you think which epoch and surroundings are most suitable for your music?

-There’s only one smell i like in the morning : coffee !! 🙂 I like to imagine our music with middle-age battles, heavy weapons, fire, dead bodies … I really enjoy that people who listen to our music have visual flashes in their mind. If, for you, it’s an herectic who’s burning, that’s perfect ! A friend already told me that our music inspired him some sexual dreams … Wow ! Perfect too !

Q: Don’t you fear what he dreamed of you?!

-Haha ! I hope that i’m not in his dreams !!

Q: And what is leitmotive of the band? What is your – let us say so – artistic image? I’ve already said it – you look like insolent heretics! Really 🙂

-We’ve only one leitmotive : Have fun together! No we really don’t care about image… We want to play on stage, meet people, drink some beers or whisky with them, talk about fucking heavy metal. If somebody thinks that we’re dirty punkrockers, mad alcoholics or depressive doom guys … Fuck them, we’ve nothing to prove ! Love us or Hate us, it’s up to you !! Nice boys don’t play Rock n’ Roll 🙂

Q: If you saw latest issues of newspapers or watch news on TV then you’ll agree with me – the world looks and smells like shit nowadays. Maybe it’s more obvious than before, don’t you want to write songs about some global or social problems? Don’t you want to make listeners think about that, about morale or laws of Nature? I do not mean “survival of fittest” because this one works well always.

-Of course … we really see actually that human being is only able to destroy himself ! You only have to look at a media to understand … Japan … Lybia … Ivory Coast … Social problems in France … We can’t talk about that in our songs … We can’t talk about what people is confronted all day long.

Q: Main subject of art-works from “The Beast Must Die” demo and “Blood For the Blood King” CD are tits! Of course you saw the art-works of these albums, so what’s with it? I do not want to look for any “message” or subtext in that but why they are so big?!!

-What’s more beautiful than tits ? haha ! At the begining of the band we met Stephane Ravaille (a friend of a friend … ) and he just said he was a painter. When we saw those paintings … WOW ! When we’ll release one CD we HAVE to use those fucking girls on the front cover. That’s all ! There’s absolutly no message. The only thing is that you can imagine this girl as The Beast or The Bloodking. Why a beast have to be ugly ?

Q: There’s a reason of course! And you know that “evil” is not necessary ugly horned mucho, but a beauty maybe seductive and sinful too, so called “devil in disguise” and I have one supposition or maybe just illusion that you maybe just saints in disguise, are you? You told that three of The Bottle Doom Lazy Band have children, so you must deal with them somehow, teach them, take care for them.

-We try to not mix our personnal life and our musical life of course. At home i’m just the father of my son but … i’m not a saint too!

Q: Doom Metal Front-zine released free mp3-compilation about year ago, I’m meaning “Vive la France” of course. And it demonstrates to us that France has a strong doom-scene, but how does it look from inside? What can you say about it as a part of it?

-Personnaly I don’t have a lot of time now to listen all bands. Everyday you can find a lot of news projects (essencialy Electric Wizard or Sunn o))) clones without talent) on Internet. Once again those who prefer are Children of Doom, because of music, attitude and frienship ! The most known are certainly Rising Dust, Ataraxie and Northwinds (I don’t know if they’re still alive). From the newcomers, I really enjoy Huata and Stangala. But kind of music is not the most important. We prefer have gigs and parties with cool people than with people who are only “doom”. We have a lot of friends in grindcore scene, death metal scene … And Doom Metal Front is a Amazing zine ! Hi Sven !!

Q: What sorts of problems does The Bottle Doom Lazy Band has a musical band? Is it hard to find venues for gigs? Is it hard to spread a Word of Doom to fair citizens of France?

-The hardest is to select one of us not for drinking and so driving the car after the gigs. Seriously it’s not always easy to find venues but I think it’s the same everywhere. People are more and more behind their fucking computer’s screens, listening to mp3, and keeping their money to drink bad beers at Hellfest … French people have to support their local underground !!

Q: Your words are true, my good comrade! We have same shitty situation in Russia, but I hope that this interview drive someone to get up his ass and visit nearby doom fest o maybe buy good doom-CD. You’re from Poitiers, Poitou-Charentes. Please, comrade, tell us about this place!

-Poitiers is an old (created before the middle age) and beautiful city from the west of France. The city’s density is correct (less than 100 000 people) so it’s great. I hate big city like Paris (beautiful place but really too much people). Metal scene here is really active, you can find a lot of great bands : Deep Vein (old school death metal), Manzer (old school black), Angmar (black), Valuatir (celtic metal), Hacride (modern metal, certainly the most known band from here)…. and many more. It’s a students city, so every year new musicians are coming and create new projects. That’s cool. The only bad thing is that we don’t have a good place to make “underground” gigs.

Q: Guillaume, thank you for your patience! I like this interview, guess it will be interesting for doom-heads who never heard about The Bottle Doom Lazy Band before. We need to add few more words in the end of it – it’s your turn, say something to our readers.

-Thank you Aleks. Hope you’ll like our next album. Our drummer already played in Russia with Pulmonary Fibrosis, his grindcore band, I hope the next he’ll play in your country, it will be with Bottle Doom ! Cheers !
Interview By Aleks Evdokimov
Official website
The Bottle Doom Lazy Band @ Facebook


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