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As I mentioned Chile and Chilean heavy music scene in my previous post, here is another band stemming from those southern latitudes and from the same fertile underground panorama.

This time the tunes come from the grim side of that scene …

Abismo (= abyss, chasm) is a heavy, very heavy trio from Santiago, Chile, involving a lady, Carla V, on bass and two gentlemen, Javier C on guitars and grim vocals and Alejandro O on drums.

According to the official bio, the band started at the end of 2009, when Javier and Carla decided to make sinister, heavy, obscure and damned-sounding music, a sonic wall made of simple but endless viscous riffs able to convoy rage and hate and frustration. Shortly after, drummer Alejandro was enrolled and as soon as he got integrated in the band, the Abismo’s adventure started.

Their first release, as unsigned band, is a self-produced EP called Promo 2011. A doom slab …

Abismo’s style is a tombstone-heavy mixture of doom, sludge and highly doped, obscure-sounding psychedelia where heavily distorted and fuzzy guitar sounds and a great pulsating bass build up some awesome, highly hypnotic, mind-warping psychedelic, drony and doped ballads. reminding of or Ramesses. The intense distortion and fuzz of the guitars and the wide use of cymbals in the powerful percussions somehow envelope the slow and grim vocals in a sort of haze. The vocals are in growled doom-death style, so as fierce as in and because of the above “haze” they sound almost reverberating and get the effect of coming as in waves from the vaults of a cave.

The heaviness of the riffs and the plodding of the drumming, the scary vocals and the alienating atmospheres are somehow (slighty) enlightened by the groove in the hypnotic melodies and especially in the parts devoted to psychedelic jamming.

So in the three long suites making up this substantial debut EP, and bearing jolly titles like “Terremoto Craneal”, “Apocalipsis Apocrifo” and “Neurosis Religiosa”, it is not too difficult to recognize quite a few of the monster bands the three doomsters declare as their sources of inspiration as well as other great bands: Electric Wizard, Sleep, Ramesses, Pombagira, Sangria and Electrozombies (the local monsters …), Sons of Otis, Hooded Menace, Yob, Corrupted, Sourvein, Graves at Sea, etc. apart from the classic all-time, Sabbathian Doom Masters.

The band is sharing the digital version of their stunning debut work for free download via Bandcamp as well as via a direct Mediafire link, which was provided by the band.

For those who like to have a solid version of the album, the band printed out 400 copies of it. They are free and can be obtained by writing to the band at either of these e-mail addresses:

lentacondenacion@gmail.com or knservero@gmail.com

For me this is the first howl of new doom monster.

I guess and I hope we’ll hear more, much more from these three angry doomsters soon …. 9/10

Review by Marilena Moroni





Posted April 20, 2011 by doommantia in Abismo

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