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Schism of Precept is an album with bands MYOSIS and J doing a split with equal tracks to give a wonderful journey into the world of Sludge Doom Metal. MYOSIS is a duo Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Pakistan. When I got this material, I was a bit surprised to find a band from Pakistan. I was very curious to check it out and it proved to be a real drone doom trip. With members, Agha Majid on vocals and Asadullah Qureshi on dual duty of guitar and drums; MYOSIS plays slow, loud and good Doom/Sludge Music.

The track “Cultivating the Taos” starts with sick vocals and slow paced guitars combined well with a seemingly never-ending Drum beat. This track is pretty interesting as it ends with a lead solo which is pretty well done. This song structure continues in “The Uncaring Strokes of Master” with a mid paced music. There is a repetition of certain riffs in the song structure but after a minute, the vocals beat us heavily, taking the center stage. There is a clear-cut absence of bass and it shows up very well, thought it does not look clumsy as there are quite a few interesting riffs. You get 3 excellent tracks on for about 4 mins each. If you are a fan of Electric Wizard, you will love this band. Albeit they have a long road to traverse to catch up in terms of production; but MYOSIS is clearly a band for the reckoning.

J is a one man Singaporean Funeral Sludge Doom Metal Band. On this side of the album you get 3 long Sludge Funeral Doom Metal Tracks on for 22 minutes in total. And it is epic, creepy and very slow moving. Fans who are into Sketicism, Evoken and Esoteric will appreciate the efforts of this band. Even though it is a one man band, the instruments are played well within the limits. The pace and the timing is maintained and balanced very well. All 3 tracks are outstanding. Especially “Sounding the Death Toll of God” is done very well. The guitar sound is thick and heavy to give you a feel of sludge doom attack.

The production on Schism of Precept is quite good and overall it is a good split CD of MYOSIS and J. It is worth checking up once.
Review written by Mahesh

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Posted April 25, 2011 by doommantia in Myosis

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