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Since forming as a band in 2007 The Great Sabatini, the Montreal quartet have been slowing building up a following of admirers and rightly so. The band has been ever improving since day one and judging by the sounds and grooves on this 7″, the break-through album should be right around the corner. Of course it should have already happened with their ‘Sad Parade of Yesterdays’ album released in 2009, that album is a pure yet to be discovered masterpiece.

Maybe it is an isolation thing being an Canadian band that is holding them back but whatever the reason, it is about time that got the kudos they deserve.The Great Sabatini have always had a great knack of blending memorable hooks and sonic experimentation and this 7″ is a great 15 minutes that further proves the band is full of talent and potential.

The first track on this EP suggests the band might be heading in a more complex direction, the title track, ‘Napoleon Sodomite’ is abrasive and full of attack but the approach is slightly twisted. It is not overly technical but there is a strangeness to the riffing that makes this a bit different to other bands in the sludge, doom genre. There is screaming vocals, bulldozer bass with tempo changes that leaves you breathless and exhausted.

The Great Sabatini are a band not afraid to listen to all kinds of rock and blend the influences into their music. There is elements of sludge, doom and stoner-metal but there is also a quirky 70’s rock vibe and even moments of a kind of grindcore aggression. Just when the track is at full steam, they slam on the brakes bringing the tune to a sudden stop, all I can say is – this tune kills.

‘Helter Skeltor’ kicks off side B with something different again. It is a quirky instrumental using of all things, a banjo. Strangely it is very atmospheric and oddly haunting. The track acts like an odd but interesting intro to the last track, the metallic and bruising ‘Trap Sequence.’ The song takes sludge, doom and grind and puts into a psychedelic metal blending machine to create something that is truly epic even though it is not epic in length. It just has that larger than life vibe – the tune takes you on a mammoth journey in a short space in time with intricate guitar work, pulsating grooves and doom-laden brutality. The ‘Napoleon Sodomite’ EP slays but what is more important is how complete it is, there is no passengers in The Great Sabatini and if you have never heard them before, this 7″ makes the perfect introduction to the band. Don’t miss out on this wonderful EP from the incredibly massive and diverse The Great Sabatini. …..9/10

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Posted April 25, 2011 by doommantia in The Great Sabatini

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