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Mysterious, ritualistic drones made through bass layers, amplifier worship, possessed chants and Burzum-inspired ambiance or so says their Myspace bio. Drone has always been a hit or miss kind of genre and even experts at the genre like SunnO))) walk a fine line between being incredibly atmospheric and just plain boring. I have always been real picky about drone-music, when its done well, it is great atmospheric music that can transport your mind to other worlds but at the other end of the scale, it can be the most tedious noise you can imagine.

Also, simply making a never-ending hum or buzz on a bass amp is hardly what you would call music, it is just irritating. A newish band to this genre is ‘Mhönos’ who have already proven it is better than most other drone-acts with an album titled ‘Miserere Nostri’ that is very interesting despite being one 45 minute piece – the album is anything but dull.

This new album was recorded live in Rouen and it is truly live as you can hear the audience very clearly on this recording and no they are awake and not yawning their heads off but the album does have some issues in my opinion. It consists of a single 38 minute track and while the extended drones worked on the last album, this time it does seem very one-dimensional. There is low frequencies, incredibly deep bass sounds, chants and distortion but it all sounds far too simple to hold your attention for the entire 38 minutes.

It would have been different for the audience that saw this performance but sitting at home, listening to this on the home-stereo gets tedious very quickly. In a live setting with the right mood-lighting and the right atmosphere, I can imagine this track would be great to watch and hear but sorry, on CD it is lacking anything memorable. However, Mhönos have the right idea and spirit for drone, they know that to be interesting it has to be about the atmosphere, just not amplifier worshiping noise so this is still better than most drone albums, check it out if you are a fan of drone….6/10

Mhonos @ Myspace
Buy Miserere Nostri Here


Posted April 28, 2011 by doommantia in Mhönos

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