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The Dutch-Finnish funeral doom band ‘Night Of Suicide’ are back with their third album and their most depressive release to date. This album is what you expect to hear from a funeral doom band – mournful melody lines, painfully slow tempos, depressing lyrics and bleak atmosphere and yes there is only four songs and yes, they are all very long.

Night Of Suicide is the brainchild of Ben de Graaff (vocals) and Markus Heinonen (all instruments) and while this album doesn’t stray at all from the funeral-doom formula, these two guys nail the genre in a way that very few others can match. The bleak, gray artwork is a perfect match for the music contained within, this is a monolithic dose of deadly melancholy that is melodically arranged and executed.

The album is fairly typical of European funeral doom but it also beautifully constructed. The use of violin, the acoustic guitars and the perfect placement of keyboards in the mix makes this an easy 45 minutes to sit through even though it is so dark and bleak. Everything is simple but played with incredible precision – even Ben de Graaff’s vocals has incredible depth, so it is a hypnotic listening experience.

Starting with ‘My Thoughts’ and ending on ‘Final Decision’ there is not much variation within the tracks and all they all bleed into each other making selecting specific highlights difficult. The album in typical funeral doom style is very monotonous and apart from variation in the instruments used to highlight different sections, there is not much to separate the four tracks but the opening dramatics of ‘My Thoughts’ is perhaps the best track on ‘Desire.’

If you are looking for something consistent in its bleakness, this album will do the job. If you are looking for a band to stimulate the senses, this may get a bit tedious. Fans of Shape Of Despair and Officium Triste will be the first ones to gravitate to Night Of Suicide but I also see fans of early My Dying Bride and early Anathema digging this. Remember when those bands were truly doom – well that is the sound that Night Of Suicide seem to be going for. Most of the time, this album is very entertaining but mostly from the point of view of instrumentation. They bring nothing new to the funeral-doom table but what they do, they do it with utter finesse and precision……….7/10

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Posted May 1, 2011 by doommantia in Night Of Suicide

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