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BIO:  “Born from the ashes of their old bands, these musicians helped pave ways in the Canadian stoner rock scene. Now serious about making no b.s rock and roll  music the members: AL the Yeti Bones ( doom bands: Georgian Skull, The Mighty Nimbus, Mister Bones), John (KEEF) Chris (Salem Saints), Dave (Blood Runs Cold) and Adam (Georgian Skull) have decided to form a pure rock and roll band that dances on the edge of their stoner rock roots as well. When Gypsy Chief Goliath officially became a band, the vibe was electric. This band is going to kick your butt. Now loaded with a harmonica player full time in Brodie Stevenson, the band is hot and in the pocket. They are tight with 70’s laced grooves, integrated jazz rhythms, with blistering solos, and harmonies the likes which only Thin Lizzy could provide. After being a band officially for one year, the band has already performed with some of the biggest acts in their genre, ie…Cancer Bats, Blood Ceremony, Sons of Otis, Bison BC, Barnburner, Fiftywatthead, White Cowbell Oklahoma to name a few. GCG also has a debut album being recorded in the winter currently, alongside their long anticipated DVD documentary “Its A Walk in the Mist”, the band seems to be carrying themselves in the way that depicts them exactly the way they really are. RAW and the real deal. This is a group that is made up of, perseverance, power, experience, most of all drive. This could seriously be your favorite band ever.”

Al “The Yeti” Bones (a.k.a Alex Petrovich) is a musician first and foremost. He has been apart of the global Stoner Rock scene since 1999. In ’99 he formed Mister Bones, released 4 albums under the Montreal record label Obskure Sombre Records. Was featured in the book “Gigs From Hell”, toured North America from 2000-2004. In 2004, he joined members of Sixty Watt Shaman in a new band called The Mighty Nimbus. He permanently replaced Erik Larson (Alabama Thunder Pussy) on guitar. After touring across the U.S in 2004 included was a performance at the Emissions From The Monolith Festival in Youngstown Ohio, that included the St. Vitus reuion between The Hidden Hand set, and Debris Inc. (which also featured Jimmy Bower on drums from Down.) A year later in ’05 The Mighty Nimbus would travel yet again across the U.S this time in support of three legendary metal bands: Entombed, Crowbar, and Pro-Pain. This was for Philadelphia’s Candleight Records U.S.A. Released two albums.

In 2006, he formed the beast that was, Georgian Skull and was signed to Italy’s Scarlet Records, distributed globally through SPV Records (Motorhead) via Scarlet. Scarlet was recently inked a deal here in North America with Entertainment ONE and Georgian Skull will be officially available this year in North America to buy. 55 date tour across North America, that lead them into news across the web regarding what they were doing. Quickly the band regrouped and booked 3 months of touring across Canada. Released one official album which featured the cover art by Vince Locke (artist for Cannibal Corpse, Cephalic Carnage and the Histrory of Violence graphic novel.) A member went to rehab and the band disbanded from there.

In 2009 he formed present band Gypsy Chief Goliath. Unsigned but best outfit to date. 6 members including a harmonica player, and a new record soon to be released under a new label signing as well.

He is also a graduate from Music Industry & Arts program from London Ontario, which specializes in Audio Engineering, Production, and Music Business and Management.

Alex credits Mia Tyler with the initial idea of starting a management company together and in the initial phases helped bring Alex along quickly through networks.

Al often gets asked to feature his voice or guitar abilities on many other bands’ records, some include:

    Carcharadon (Italy)
    Galactus (Moncton N.B)
    Ball Harness (Toronto)
    Sleeping Beard (Windsor)
    Blood Runs Cold (Toronto)

He has also been written about in magazines such as: Decibel, Metal Maniacs, Hit Parader, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Unrestrained to name a few.

Do you want to know more, here is a interview I did with Al “The Yeti” Bones (a.k.a Alex Petrovich).

1. You are described as a Canadian Stoner Rock Supergroup, do you like that tag? Doesn’t that create a certain amount of pressure on the band?

The Yeti: We’ve been dealing with a lot of pressure constantly.  Having six guys in the same band, everyone lives in separate cities, all of us pushing each other to perform, and write to the best of our abilities makes dealing with outside stress and pressure easier.  The pressure doesn’t come from us being Canadian or calling ourselves a Supergroup.  I think you’re right though, it does create a bit of pressure on the band, but it also adds to our value and worth as a collective.  I think the pressure is internal.  I know I put a lot of pressure on myself knowing that life is only so long and you don’t have a lot of time to make your mark in this world, whether its on the smallest scale or the largest.  Canada needs a stoner rock supergroup.  WE may not be “super” but we’re certainly above average.

2. If you look at where the band members come from – Georgian Skull, Mister Bones, Blood Runs Cold, Salem Saints, Keef etc it must make for a unique style as all these bands are very different from each other. How does this collaboration work for you guys?

The Yeti: As different as the other bands were from each other, we certainly brought the best parts of each respective band into the fold.  The process may seem a bit difficult, but its actually quite easy.  We do get into heated arguments here and there, about the direction of the band but when it comes down to it, i think we all understand that there is six of us, and no matter what direction the band journey’s into, something different than what we’re used to will come out of it.  To me that’s exciting, and challenges us to write more progressively and bring out the best in all of us.  Some of us will write on our own and bring demos to the table, and build off those, and some things get born in rehearsal, while some stuff gets born on stage.  Usually the little nuances of a live jam will be catalogued for some future idea.  We always try and approach each song differently, so that we don’t get stuck in a writing rut, where everything starts sounding like it was written in the same day.

3. Canadian bands seem to be getting better and better all the time. There is a real happening scene there these days so why do you think most of the bands stay local. After all Canada is just over the border but a lot of the bands say they feel isolated being from Canada?

The Yeti: Yes it’s true.  While Canada is so huge, there are still only pockets in the country that seriously work on a tour.  Ontario being the biggest province makes it easy to play and stay here, and plug away at our scene, because the big business industry of music is here, for Canada at least.  Now we travel every weekend, and on our breaks we go out; like this August, we’ll be traveling across Canada with our good friends Pigeon Park on a 30 date tour.  it will consist of shows across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  While it’s a lengthy tour, we are also covering a wide spread of the country but not even close to half.  The states are different, the music scene is all over the place, and the industry is not just Hollywood.  Its “American.”  Booking a tour across the U.S, you can play every city in every place, and you can do it all the time, because the market is so big there, that if you lived in the states it would just make sense to tour the states as often as possible.
For me, I think the same way could be possible in Canada. Although the market is smaller here, to me all that means is we have an easier chance at getting recognized here then anywhere else.  But that’s never the case really.  Strangely enough we are known more in other places.  But we are pushing the band on Canada like crazy right now, and making sure our Canadian industry knows about us.  And they do.

4. On your Myspace page, it describes the band as ‘blues on steroids’ which is quite accurate in my mind. But I am just curious, do you think bands like Gypsy Chief Goliath can still be given that blues-rock tag these days? Does it really have that much to do with the blues genre?

The Yeti: No. I think we are relatively a hard rock band when it comes down to it.  I think blues and jazz are elements of our music, but classic 70’s rock and roll, plus tones of heavy metal combine the sound of our band.  Blues to me still is the basis for it all though.  The emotion that blues evokes is what we are going for.  That soul only blues can illuminate is why i think we are in love with the blues.  But in terms of what real blues is, we are so far removed from that time and that style that I don’t think you can call us a blues band.  Doom metal and stoner rock, is a huge base for us, we grew up liking bands like Kyuss, Pentagram, Orange Goblin, just as much as we liked AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and Rush.  It’s all just great music.  In my later years, as I get older, I do tend to have a love / hate relationship with music more and more.  There are certain bands and influences that can be heard in our music that I can’t and have not listened to in years, for that sake.

5. Given the eccentric nature of the band, I have to ask a dumb question at this point. Do you model yourself on any particular band or is there a band that all band members collectively look up to?

The Yeti: I certainly hope not.  Right now the slate is completely clean and open.  We can be whatever we want, and its just best to be ourselves.  I think with six people in this band, bringing six different lifestyles and attitudes we get a pretty eclectic aura, I used to model myself after my hero’s and all that lead me to do was get severely fucked up royally screwed.  Life is so different now, that the past has been buried for me.  Sure if I’m not careful it can all come rushing back and I can get out of control again.  But the demons are sleeping and I’m trying not to awaken them.  it can take you a really long time to find yourself and your style, when you let yourself be taken to that place, you know you’ve found it.

6. Can you give the readers a insight into the new album and what we can expect to hear and what is this I read about a DVD Documentary?

The Yeti: The new record is called “It’s A Walk In The Mist”  It will be out on Black Vulture Records, which is a sub-division of Downfall Records from Sweden.  I recorded the the album and mixed it, and Dinis from The Mighty Nimbus is mastering it, at Beast Mountain in Minnesota.  The album is really different.  It has a lot of tastes on there, and still holds true from song to song, not getting too far off topic.  It’s one of those records you will be able to listen to from front to back and be totally cool with the amount of influences that are covered.  It has everything on there, and manages to still stay cohesive.  Which is hard to do nowadays.  But this album is all around heavy.  We have been documenting the band from the beginning, ranging just about 2 years now, and we have recently been putting a documentary together with all this footage compiled.  I think the packages and content of a band, need to be available to fans so that there is more then just the music.

7. You have work with various labels and seeing as I have started a label myself, I am wondering what is your opinion on the business of record labels. Are they as dead as everybody makes them out to be?

The Yeti: i think a label can work today, but the model has changed so drastically that unless labels today reinvent the wheel, it will be hard to survive the technological boom that is hitting us.  The major’s were sleeping at the wheel when Napster came out, they thought, “let’s just sit back and see what happens, because this shit will be here and then gone.”  There was a lot of corruption in the major’s as well, when all that was going on.  The suits knew they were on there way out, so “let’s steal as much money as we possibly can right now!”  Finally it was blamed on lack of cd sales etc…  Well kids of today, know more about how to work a computer then the bosses in the top executive positions, so why are they not being considered?  I think things have to get worse before they get better.  i think that piracy has helped lower the value of music videos, music in general and even touring.  That’s not a good thing of course, but its hard to justify spending “x” amount of dollars on the “product” when the product will never be recouped, so for that matter i totally understand.  I think that once labels start to listen to what people want, things will get better.  Not sure if that’s CD’s.  It might be digital sales for the listener, and vinyl releases for the collector….It’s hard to say, cause we are in the middle of that war right now.  i think the toughest thing is for you guys, trying to figure out what the hell is going to work and what isn’t!

8. How has gigs been so far for the band? What kind of feedback have you been getting from people checking out the band for the first time?

The Yeti: We’ve been doing great.  We do well at our gigs, I know that our shows have been quickly growing in numbers and people are catching on.  it’s cool to see, because the feedback has been awesome.  it is hit or miss too sometimes.  But I try to keep as busy as possible doing other things too, with the band and business side so I try not to put too much faith in that stuff, and make sure we are just doing what we need to be doing on gig front, and make sure we are doing what we need to on the business front to make it all click.

9. After the album is released, how do you plan on promoting the album?

The Yeti: we will be promoting before and after the album comes out with a tour first and then right after.  We are also planning to make the trip across to Europe if all goes well next year.  But we’ll be getting distribution in North America, and Sweden has distro on lockdown for the rest of the world/territories.  Promotional/Marketing campaign for radio and adds in mags, and online zines.  Interviews and reviews.  We’re going to push as much as we can.  We are very proud of this one.

10. People might not be aware but over the years, you have had connections with everyone from members of Sixty Watt Shaman to Alabama Thunderpussy. You must have some crazy ‘spinal tap’ kind of stories to tell about those guys. Do you feel like sharing some memories with the readers?

The Yeti: I remember in The Mighty Nimbus, when we toured with Crowbar, we had Kirk come up every other night and do St. Vitus’ Born Too Late with us, and that was a total trip.  I also remember having a farting contest on the can with him when we were taking shits in stalls next to each other at a Bowling alley in Nebraska.  That was an intense night, some dude, wanted to fight Kirk and we had to hold him back from rearranging this dude’s face.  It’s weird how that goes though, you swear when something happens, that you’ll never forget it, then as soon as the next thing happens, it all becomes history.  The ATP and SWS guys are all like extended family to me, I love them all so much, and i would never think of incriminating any of them with crazy stories.  Although you can imagine what it would have been like.

11. Thanks for the interview, any final words for the readers?

The Yeti: thanks for taking the time for this, Gypsy Chief Goliath-check it out, new album, get ahold of us for a pre-oder at  check out the management agency: and our myspace: Gypsy Chief Goliath @ Myspace  as well as look us up on youtube!
Had a blast doing the interview thanks again!  Doom on.


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