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Kingdom is a side project from the members of the bands Amenra and  The Black Heart Rebellion. What is a little confusing is there seems to be 2 versions of this album, one is a 10 track album released on Conspiracy Records while the one I am reviewing here has only 5 tracks and is on Hypertension Records. There is also seems to be at least 3 different sets of artwork for the album floating around, it anyone can shed some light on this, I would be most grateful. Anyway I guess this album has to be filed under ‘doom-metal’ but it is not a very accurate description when it comes to describing Kingdom. I think calling it ‘dark metal’ might be a better tag to describe this band and album.

The concept behind these songs are based on religion as far as I can tell and the name Kingdom is of course a reference to the heavenly kingdom. I am also pretty sure I hear the words ‘Lord have mercy’ mentioned more than once on this recording. Musically the band has a lot of droning elements mixed with a melancholic post-rock kind of sound but it is real heavy in places. The atmosphere on this album is also bleak but it is certainly a release that requires your total attention to fully appreciate.

The five songs on this release all run into each other so it ends up sounding like a 33 minute concept album so it deserves to be listened to from start to finish with no breaks for maximum effect. The opening half of the album is spent on a lot of droning and meandering guitars and electronics, there is chimes and mystical effects but to be honest about 10 minutes in I was about to pack it in and hit the stop button. It drags on to me without really doing much in my opinion but thankfully when ‘Rivers Rage’ kicks in, it becomes far more interesting.

 A discordant approach and an increase in volume and heavy abrasive edge is what the albums needs and ‘Rivers Rage’ for the most part delivers. The last track on the album ‘Elude’ calms things down again with more bleak sounds. One thing that really stands out on this album is the pain-filled vocal shrill from the singer, Colin H Van Eeckhout ( I apologize in advance if I got your name wrong, Colin). His voice is really a focal point on this album, musically half of this did impressed me, but half left me on-edge and a little bored. This release definitely shows much promise for the future of Kingdom but I am not too sure how much I like this, it just seems to me to have a hell of a lot of needless padding……6/10

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Posted May 5, 2011 by doommantia in Kingdom

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