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Orthodox is a band that obviously likes to experiment. A LOT. I enjoyed their first album of the Spanish trio but in their following works, the band tried to convince that doom can be played even without the classic recipe drums-bass-guitar! Somehow, “Amanecer en Puerta Oscura” and “Sentencia” didn’t manage to touch me. In Ba’al, their fourth album, the band makes a 360 turn to find its way back to beginning. And that is good old doom metal.The album starts with “Alto Padre” an instrumental track with a guitar sound full distortion. The guitar sound reminded me of Boris in “Akuma No Uta”. This particular song is the only link between their previous album and the new style of Ba’al. “Taurus”, “Hani Ba’al”,  “Iatromantis” are 3 of the best doom songs I’ve heard this year! “Iatromantins” and “Hani Ba’al” have English lyrics (I think it’s the first time) and the later seems to be lyrically inspired by Manowar and other epic bands! That was a surprise for me. I don’t know what is the favorite lyrical subject of Orthodox but judging by the music I would have guessed something more spiritual or religious. Musically, Ba’al maintains the spirituality of “Sentencia” (which resembles that of Om in a way) but in a much more metallic way. Marco Serrato Gallardo does wonders on the vocals. I am not a fan of vocals-after-sound-engineering but the underwater effect that is used, gives a more dramatic, mourning-like tone on the compositions. In my opinion, Ba’al is the best album of the band and a good place to start if you are not familiar with them. They managed to keep their authenticity while they fallowed less difficult paths for a metal fan.
Review Written by Dr Doom Metal ( Dr.Dooms Lair )
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Posted May 5, 2011 by doommantia in Orthodox

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  1. he he thanks for posting Ed!

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