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Formed in the late ’70s it’s no surprise that hardly anyone has every heard of Cassle. Their original EP wasn’t released until 1983 and back then it went totally under the radar. While they were known as a  metal band in the early 80’s, they certainly don’t qualify as metal now, these days they would most likely get the “progressive rock with ’80s metal influences tag.”

This is some unique music though, very off-beat, kind of doomy in parts with strange vocals but mostly it is a Deep Purple and Rush meets Iron Maiden and early Judas Priest kind of hybrid. The band was in serious danger of being forgotten about forever but Shadow Kingdom Records has come to the rescue with this compilation that is divided up into four parts.

The album’s first part is the ‘Midnight Fantasy’ EP which was originally recorded when the band members were only 17 years old. Despite being so young, the bands sound had already been worked out and while these songs do sound horribly dated now, they still sound better than most of the NWOBHM rivial bands that are around today.

The songs have a Deep Purple kind of slight progressive heaviness to them with the odd burst of Judas Priest styled chugging metal guitars but their uniqueness came with their vocalist who I beleive was a guy by the name of Baron Knight but my memory of this band is sketchy at best. Hearing the ‘Midnight Fantasy’ tracks again after all this time begs the question, why didn’t they make it big? I am guessing they were swept under the carpet by the 80’s thrash and those damn hair bands.

The second part of the compilation isn’t too good though. It is made up of other studio tracks that are good songs but the production on these tunes is very weak indeed. Tracks like ‘Second Hand Eyes’ is one of the tunes that shows what a talent the band had as songwriters and players but it is a pity the sound isn’t happening on these tracks. The rest of the album is live tracks and they are all great, ‘Back To Beyond’ is one of the standout tracks on this compilation and even though the audience don’t sound too excited, this totally kicks ass. Of course the keyboard sound is in the classic Deep Purple/Uriah Heep mold and the musicianship reeks of pure hard-rock class. The album ends on a second version of the ‘Midnight Fantasy’ tune and there is no problem hearing it twice, it is truly a legendary tune.

This compilation does have a couple of weak tunes and the second badly produced section of songs does make the album seem unbalanced but the overwhelming quality of the rest of the album’s tracks more than makes up for it. With all the second-rate NWOBHM revival bands around these days, it is great to hear a band like this that were the real deal. Kudos to Shadow Kingdom Records for bringing this band back to life with this compilation. I know this isn’t the regular Doommantia kind of band but with so many doom-metal bands looking at early 80’s bands for inspiration these days, I feel this band is worth re-visiting…..7/10
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Posted May 7, 2011 by doommantia in Cassle

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