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Doommantia has finally got there, one million views. This is of course a major moment for the site and one I never thought would ever happen. These are unique views and does not include hits to the forum. I spent several hours looking at the stats for the past year and here is the facts folks, I have included some geeky stats as well for those of us that are curious about such things.

1. United States
2. Italy
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. Russia
6. Greece
7. Australia
8. Spain
9. Malaysia
10. Mexico

* It is interesting that Malaysia got in there, when the site first started hits coming from the country ranked extremely low in the list but now they have climbed to number 9 on the list. Also interesting that Holland didn’t make the top 10. While the USA made the number one spot overall, they did it only just. I suspect Italy might just overtake the US in the coming months. The Italians must love their doom! Italy also ranked number one in terms of the average time spent on the site, Italian readers spent an average of 16 minutes on the site per hit compared with the US readers that had only an average time of 7 minutes.


1. Stonerobixxx – More people went from the great stonerobixx to doommantia than any other site. So thanks to the readers of Stonerobixxx
2. Sludge Swamp – The mighty Sludge Swamp was bound to feature here, thank you Sludge Swamp
3. The Obelisk – This surprised me a little seeing as I haven’t seen Doommantia mentioned much on the site before but it seems a lot of people use Doommantia and The Obelisk as part of their daily stoner doom viewing ritual.

* While the referring sites are extremely important, they made up only 15% of all hits, Google searches still made up over 40% of all visits to the Doommantia site. The great news and what makes me so proud is just over 35% of all visitors are direct visits, meaning they are regular readers even if just occasionally. Extra big thanks to you people.

The home page is of course the most viewed making up most of all the views to the site but the webstore and the radio/podcast page makes up close to 25% of all hits to the site so many people must have these pages bookmarked. Keep on visiting the store but please try to buy something if you can, it is vital you show your support to the bands. Also keep on  listening to the Crestfallen, Soggy Bog and Foundry Of Doom radio shows. You may be interested to know, the most clicked on review for this year (drum-roll please) is Pentagram – Last Rites. Not only is it the most viewed article but its nearest rival is not even close on the hit count, that album is Ghost’s Opus Eponymous.

1. Firefox – 55.56%
2. Chrome – 16.67%  
3. Safari – 11.11%
4. Internet Explorer – 10.00%  

1. Aleks Evdokimov – Without his great interviews, this site would be nothing. Thanks for your undying dedication.
2. Sandrijn van den Oever – Sandrijn has given us some great reviews and has opinions that are a little different most of the time to the other writers. This has always made for interesting and insightful reading.
3. Marilena Moroni – What kind I say, her knowledge of doom is unquestionable and her reviews and interviews are always great.
4. Dr.Doom Metal – Professional reviews from an expert in doom-metal, make sure you check out his site – Dr.Dooms Lair
5. Mahesh – Unique reviews are always what to expect from Mahesh, I hope to read a lot more from him the future.
6. Adam Drzewucki – With shared interviews from the We Wither Blogspot, it is always essential reading.
Special Thanks To Lee From The Sleeping Shaman and Dr. Abner Mality from The Wormwood Chronicles. The Sleeping Shaman generously shares interviews with us and recently the Roadburn Festival reports and they are always incredibly interesting. Dr. Abner Mality from The Wormwood Chronicles has always been one of our loyal supporters and also has contributed a few reviews lately. Thanks brother.
THE NEW BOYS –  Saul Crowley and Sarp Esin have already posted some excellent work and they have only just began. Expect a lot more from these two in the future and thanks for becoming part of the Doommantia writing team.

Well that is it, a million views!!! Now it is back to business as usual. Thanks to everyone that took the time to check out the site and extra special thanks to everyone for putting up with my long-winded reviews and rants……..Ed


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11 responses to “ONE MILLION VIEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, congratulations Ed!!!!!!! Thanks for you nice words ;). It's awesome to write for Doommantia!!

  2. Ah, such an amazing result! Congrats!
    The main “subject” to be thanked and praised for this incredible result is you, Ed!
    The amount of work, devotion and care you personally put in this project is incredibly high, and the results speak for themselves.
    Even if other webzines or websites seem to ignore this …

    Thanks for the kind words towards your collaborators.
    Personally I'm very proud of being part of the team, and, in spite of what you write about me (that makes me blush), I have to learn everyday from you and the others. And it is all very stimulating, an amazing experience.
    Hahaha, I'm also very proud of my country mates being so numerous and faithful visitors of this blog! My country is a disaster as to public culture, but somehow it gives me hope to see that many people actually look for valuable sources and alternatives. At least the underground culture is anything but a corpse …

    One million visitors?
    Well, this is just the appetizer! And now, back to work … 🙂
    Long live Doommantia!
    \m/ \m/ \m/

  3. SaaaWeeeeeet!! I am truly honored to be a part of such a killer site as Doommantia!!!
    Since joining forces with Doommantia Foundry of Doom Radio is 9th most listened to station out of 1000,s in the metal genre on live365.
    Thank you Ed and Thank You Mari!!!!!

  4. What a great achievement and I am happy to be even a tiny part of it. This is the King of Doom Metal websites…

  5. congrats!

  6. Thanks everyone.

  7. I have just been waiting for this! Yes! Though I'm very, very new to the crew, this is a proud moment, so I'll punctuate that with a rather crude FUCK YES.

    Here's to you, Ed; and here's to all of you, all the others that made it happen and, well, in a way, made me a part of it, heh:)

  8. Congratulations!

  9. Keep it up! Great website, along with Stonerobixxx.

    Cheers from Brazil.

  10. Congrats Ed and the rest of the team for pulling this through!

    The numbers are impressive!

    Doommantia worth every single view!

    Proud to be a member of this team!

    Also, happy that Greece made it on the top 10 list even though we have the smallest population on the list. We getting more…

    p.s: thanks for the kind words Ed

  11. Congrats!

    This is probably the best source when it comes to reviews/ news/ interviews in our beloved genres. I'm always glad to link you guys in my posts, excellent & passionate writing!

    Hails & riffs from Belgium

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