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El Hijo De La Aurora was formed May 2, 2008 by Joaquín Cuadra and has produced some of the most memorable doom-metal in recent years. You can read reviews for all their releases here at Doommantia but Aleks Evdokimov has gone one better and done a interview with Joaquin.

Q: Hi Joaquin! How are you? El Hijo de la Aurora just has released the new album “WICCA: Spells, magic and witchcraft through the ages”  via RAIG records. Did you already get any reviews and responses? What do people say about the new stuff?

-Hi Aleks, much water has passed through the river since the release of our album “Lemuria”.

Many people thought the Album “Wicca” was going to be like the first album (with many atmospheric effects, drone, etc. ..) but they were wrong, there are always surprises with “El Hijo de la Aurora”.

We have had several reviews, all with very good comments of the album. “Wicca” was born with a good “Blue star”.

Q: Man, I’m sorry but do you have any information about how did sales of “Lemuria” go? Do labels and distros have some copies in their stock still? It’s interesting for us to analyze the commercial side of underground too.

-There’re no copies of our first album, I could say that it is “SOLD-OUT”. About Ogro Recordos y Espirtus Inmundos – they sold all their copies, I’m thinking of releasing a second edition of the album (with a different cover).

Q: You said that “WICCA” differs from “Lemuria”, the album has a more solid structure but it is El Hijo de la Aurora – there’s no doubt! How did you find a balance between the atmospheric ambient aspects of the band and hard rocking stoner sound?

-When we were in the middle of the production of the album “Lemuria “, we had already written the first 4 tracks of “Wicca” album (Der Golem, Psicodrama, one blues track (Akasha) and El libro de las sombras).

The common denominator of all tracks is that all of them have their own sound and a typically structure (beginning, riff, lyrics, chorus, guitar solo, riff, and fugue). But I had too much work to do for complete the album. For the “Wicca Album, I studied and listened all the music of Gustavo Cesar Carrion, he was a composer and composed the music for many Mexican horror films of the years 50-60, as “The Witch’s Mirror” (El Espejo de la Bruja), “Satanic Pandemonium (Satanico Pandemonium), “Lady Death”, etc …

(more about him:



Then, I had two choices: the sound of “Wicca” album would have an atmosphere of Horror films, with effects of crypt sound, with wolf howls and some “really heavy” tracks (like the “Lemuria”)… Or the wicca album would be like a album of a structurewith “Heavy Classic”.

The first option was the easiest. It was like “repeat the plate”. If it’s easy … is not so good.

Q: You recorded the new songs in the MCA Studio (Lima, Peru) – how long did you work with this material and how is this studio equipped?

-Mmmm… Were 5 days to record the album (May 02 – May 07), 10 days to a mixing and post-production took 5 days more (Oct 31).

MCA is a perfect place for recording and making records (MCA has a Hammond C3 with 122 LeslieGroove ), the rest of equipment and instruments are mine. Many local bands (like Tlon, La Ira de Dios, Reino Ermitaño, Los Protones …etc) were working with them. Working with tem is like working with Masters, I am very grateful to them.

Q: But some members of Tlon are from Argentina if I remember well… Now they all removed in Peru, did they? It seems that you have a wide psychedelic clan there!

-All members of Tlon live in Lima. Christian Van Lacke married a Peruvian and lives in Lima and Cesar Bustamante and Walo Carrillo are Peruvians, too.

In Peru, big psychedelic bands were formed in a period 1964-1974, bands like the Yorks, Los Holy’s (Walo Carrillo, Tarkus and Tlon), New Juggler Sound, Laghonia (Saul and Manuel Cornejo, MCA Studios), El Polem, Black Sugar, Pax, Traffic Sound, etc. .. etc. .. etc …) and its influence are very, very present in the actual Peruvian psychedelic music.

Q: You and Manolo Garfias are authors of all the music of “WICCA…”, how did you compose new stuff?

-Manolo is an excellent and brilliant musician and the teamwork worked well. He always helped me to “record all song” of the band. But he is not here, no more. He lives in Australia with his new life and his wife and I will always be grateful for his help.

But I can’t stop. I’m writing the new themes of the new album of the band (may be a double album) and it will have to be recorded without him. We are playing and practicing with new members in the band (to give live concerts). More information … soon

Q: I hope that the fact that Manolo is in Australia now really will not stop you from song-writing, but didn’t you try to play guitar by yourself? You compose most of the El Hijo de la Aurora stuff, right? So you must know how to handle the instruments!

-HAHA!!!!, I’m not playing guitar! My knowledge of playing guitar is very basic, I only write the riff and the rest was work of Manolo. I’m working with new members of the band (guitars and bass). Rafael Cantoni will continue in the band. All this new group will record the new album by the band (this year, December … Do you guess to date?)

Q: A booklet of “WICCA…” CD designed by Russian painter Elena Pankratova, why did you choose her works? Does her story of sorcerer and beheaded woman have any connection with album’s conception?

-I gave my trust in Elena, and she had creative freedom. She just asked me the references of the album (original idea) and she did it all, I’d like to meet her one day to give thanks.

Q: How does Wicca’s ideas reflect in your songs? You wrote all the lyrics for new songs – what are they about? How does “Der Golem” connect with Wicca? Who is Simon from “Psicodrama” – is he a famous Simon “Magician” (“Volhv”)?

-Wicca (or Wicce or witch ) is a neopagan religion with a strong relationship to magic, witchcraft and sorcery. This is the main concept of the album. The Magic is energy, this Energy is neither good or bad, it is only that, Energy. The man uses the “magic” for their own purposes (good or bad) but really this is only “magic”. The other is Discernment.

Now, in the album …. (decoding only a part of the album), I can use the Magic for …

-Hypnotize  people (“The hipnotic eye”);

– Create mud men (“Der Golem”);

– As said Anton Lavey… “for create confusion” (“Psychodrama”);

– Collect all the magic rites (as a “Book of Shadows”) and raise the dead as in ancient Egypt (“Libro de Sombras” – “Dios Astado/El Escrito”) / (“Book of Shadows” – “Horned God & The Writ”);

– Being a sorceress with the mirror (“El Espejo de la Bruja” – “The mirror of the Witch”) and etc … etc … etc …

This is only a part of how the album was written, but exists  much more, much of the real meaning of the album  is in the lyrics of the songs, which are in Spanish, but this will change in the new album of El Hijo de la Aurora.

Q: What can you say about other songs – “Akasha”, “Vril” and “Cuentos del Bosque Encantado part II”? Where is a first part of “Cuentos…”? there was no song with similar name on your first album “Lemuria”.

-A bit of history: we had a blues song, but we only had the intro and a part of the riff. That song was “Akasha”, this was a track that Manolo and I played in a jam session many years ago (mid 2007) when I was even a part of Don Juan Matus. But we never finished this song.

Many years later, we were ready to complete the work and the song was completed. Early versions of the track with lyrics were not working well, then I requested help to Marco Coifman for re-write the lyric. The lyric of this song is about of the story of a Spirit in search for his beloved through of the cosmos to ask for her forgiveness. This is called “The sense of repair “or Karma. (The Ocean of Theosophy – William Quan Judge,about the Kama-Loka: http://www.phx-ult-lodge.org/ca13.htm). Marco did a good job re-writing the lyrics.

“Mas alla de toda pena” – I wrote it as a bridge between the “Espejo de la Bruja” and “Akasha”,

It is unthinkable not to have a theme “Delta Blues” on an album of witchcraft. “Vril” – I was inspired by a book by Edward Bulwer Lytton, “Upcoming Races”, not associated with Wicca, but there was the theme which everyone liked, besides, is a subject that we all work together (MCA, Marco Coifman, and the whole band del Hijo de la Aurora).

“Cuentos del bosque encantado parte 2”… Well, “Cuentos del bosque encantado parte 1” never was recorded, Manolo left the country and left the song incomplete and is a song inspired by a spell wiccan.

Q: What is a final goal of Wicca’s practice? What do Wicca’s followers try to reach?

-Wicca is a religion of forests and the wiccans looking harmony with the elemental beings of the world and the universe.(Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Ether, etc …) personally, if  they live well with this, to me it is OK.

Q: Joaquin, but from that point of view wicca looks like a sort of occultism or maybe even mesmerism. “Create confusion”, “create a golem”, “do magic rites”… Yoga and Daoism for example have certain goals and it’s more than just reaching a harmony, it’s a process of transformation of human inner beings, when a man became spirit or god or whatever else you’ll name it.

-Is okay, but I think all that kind of energy worked well when the man in the past looked at the sky, and he tried of capture these energies of the universe and bring oneself (like yoga, for example). But this was before of the mystery of Golgotha and that Christic Spirit come to this earth. I think now is the opposite, if you want to know the mysteries of the universe, know yourself first, all the mysteries of the universe is inside ourselves, we are what we are thanks to the powers of the universe, its planets and stars also

The rest, it’s something that worked (in the past), but now no longer. We do not need it anymore.

Q: There are a few guest-artists who help El Hijo de la Aurora in record-sessions, Tania Duarte, Marcos Coifman and Julio Almeida of Reino Ermitano are few of them. How long do you know this band? We did a interview with them few months ago and – besides other stuff – they told about their spiritual practices, did you know them for these practices or did a music was a main factor of your collaboration?

-They are my friends (Julio is my friend since we were both teenagers, 25 years ago). Always we met in some place, as concert or in some bar. They are a good people and I love them like musicians and like a persons. I have a great respect for them.

 I do not know well the trends espirtual of them, by time we talk about this. But the key of our successful collaboration (of how it works well and how we record it) is another matter. The key is that we have the same musical roots (Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Purple, Floyd, etc) and we listen almost the same bands (Electric Wizard, Sleep, Saint Vitus, Cathedral, etc.).

It is easy to work with musicians with the same essence, the Heavy Rock. The Heavy Rock and the Doom Music formed us. It’s what we’re made.

Q: Who else did help you during record-session?

-Rafael Cantoni, who gave the personality to each track as it should be – he helped me a lot.  Also I must mention Marco Coifman, who helped me with the lyrics of “Akasha” and the vocal melody of “Vril” (thumbs up).

Q: Did you listen to the last album of your former comrades Don Juan Matus “Más Allá Del Sol Poniente”? What do you think about it?

-Yes, I heard the album a couple times, I think that they have been found “the key” that they’re  looking for from the beginning. I still have a good memories from these days  of “Polaris , Circulo de Sueños y El  Visiones Paganas”.

…I wish all the good for them.

Q: I know that the most part of “WICCA…” was prepared at least in 2009, so now then this CD is released can you say that you have enough ideas and material for another album of El Hijo de la Aurora?

-YES !!!! (see my answers in the beginning of the interview).

Q:  Joaquin I see in the album’s “list of dedications” that you dedicate this album to “The Cosmos” and yourself. What does it mean?

-We and the cosmos are one. It is a key to what will be in the next album


Okay, thank you for your answers and patience, I wish you all the best man, let me know when El Hijo de la Aurora will be ready with next release! Please add few words for our readers.

-Thank Aleks for you Time, thanks to Igor and R.A.I.G record too, and to all people that like my music, thanks for visiting our site and …

Doom On!
Interview By Aleks Evdokimov

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El Hijo De La Aurora @ Facebook
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