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Analog is the second installment from the great instrumental psychedelic jam machine known as The Re-Stoned. Rather than simply copy the formula established from their first album, ‘Revealed Gravitation’ they have produced something with a different vibe completely. It is less stoner-metal and more psychedelic but most important in terms of atmosphere, more live sounding due it being recorded in just 2 weeks with  no second takes or additional editing. ‘Analog’ was made entirely ‘live in the studio’ through a series of improvised jams. The drumming on the album comes from Vladimir Muchnov, known for his work with Lord of Doubts.

Less metallic than ‘Revealed Gravitation’, this album is heavily rooted in psychedelic, sprawling jams that are breath-taking, free-flowing improvisations or at least they sound like improvisations. I don’t know how much of the album was worked out before heading into the studio but most of this sounds totally “of-the-moment.” Main-man Ilya Lipkin still delivers fuzzed out stoner-metal riffs and the odd space-rock freaked out solo but this is a much more relaxed album than the sometimes frantic ‘Revealed Gravitation’ release. While earlier tunes from the band like “Gravitation”, “The Mountain Giant” and “Space” were instant classics, this album took me a little longer to fully appreciate but once I did, I realized it is just as good as anything they have done before.

There is no real filler on the album but there is not one song that stands out more than any other track either. The relaxed, acid-drenched atmosphere in combination with the warm production makes this album kind of sensual, strange to say that in relation with a psychedelic, stoner jam band but these tunes sound sexy (perfect f**king music) that still rocks at the same time. Songs are beautifully arranged even with the improvisatory attitude. They can go from slow, bluesy passages to stoner-metal riff rock to moments of spacey psychedelic acid rock and it is all done seamlessly. The musicianship is excellent and I would hate to pick out a favorite track because this album is consistently good all the way through its running time, if anything it actually gets better, the longer it plays.

The Re-Stoned have now made two almost-perfect albums that wonderfully compliment each other. ‘Revealed Gravitation’ – the powerhouse power-trio stoner-metal album and ‘Analog’ – its more psychedelic acid-drenched younger brother. Two essential albums made by one of the very best instrumental bands the world has ever seen and heard. The album was mixed and mastered by Alisa Coral from Psi Corps and Ilya himself and it is one of the ‘must-haves’ of 2011. Out on R.A.I.G Records……9/10
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Posted May 10, 2011 by doommantia in The Re-Stoned

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