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After months of touring up and down the country with leading rock bands such as Zico Chain, Revoker and Pulled Apart by Horses, Coventry based rockers Lipshock have released their début album ‘Grit’ n Glitter’ and what a début it is. Constantly enjoyable and never dull, Grit n Glitter cranks the volume to 11, and grooves along with high quality riffs and sleazy vocals. Kicking off with ‘Aim to Please (Shoot to Kill)’ the band delve into a blistering riff, as front man Peanut’s harsh, throaty vocals offer up explicit sexual innuendos and cheeky humour. Its a track which perfectly establishes the raw attitude of the album, and a stomping introduction to the bands ethos of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Following on from the album opener is ‘Ignite’, a track that kicks in a with a stomping, fast paced riff and assualts the listener with its frenetic pace and delirious drumming. As the track hammers along the band seem like a well oiled machine, coming across as tight musicians who understand timing and pace; a difficult thing to grasp when working on a debut album, and a mistake many modern rock bands seem to make but Lipshock pull it off.

While ‘Feelin ‘ Right at Home’, ‘Glamourzie’ and ‘Cryptic Bitch’ fit in with the bands love of Cock Rock and all things Glam, its in the more experimental moments that the band demonstrate a slight taste for Stoner riffs. Its clear from the get go that Lipshock are worlds apart from the down tuned, fuzzed out stoner bands of today, but with the opening bowel moving bass of the title track, and a mid tempo freak out on ‘Come Inside’, its fair to presume that the a few joints were passed around while recording the album. But this is where the Stoner association ends, and the rest of the album is raunchy rock n roll.

The influence of Guns N Roses, Aerosmith and Motley Crue can clearly be heard on many of the tracks, yet while most bands would create a carbon copy of their favourite songs, Lipshock never succumb to plagiarising their influences, instead they use this as a jumping off point and create riffs that are wholly original, and satisfying. Tracks like the Dildo inspired ‘Hey Gina’ and ‘Faith in Lies’  offer a welcome change of pace, especially the latter which perfectly balances the acoustic opening with its electric led mid section. However the stand out song on the album is ‘Poker Face’, the song may share the same title with the generic and bland Lady Ga Ga song, but that’s where the comparisons end. This ‘Poker Face’ is fast paced, cheeky and fun, brimming with sleaze and whisky, a perfect going out anthem.

What’s striking about Grit n’ Glitter is that it doesn’t try to reinvent the genre, or present a grand statement on the themes of rock music. This is the albums true strength, it works as a strong piece of rock music, crammed full with high quality riffs and great musicianship. So if you want to inject your evenings with some filthy rock n roll, pick this up and see your evening turn into a drunken whirl wind.


Words – Saul Crowley

Lipshock@ Myspace


Posted May 16, 2011 by doommantia in Lipshock

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