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Seven Foot Spleen should be mentioned in the same breath as bands like Buzzov*en, Eyehategod, Grief, Noothgrush, Burning Witch, and Sourvein but they were always in the background and I never understood why. They way the band blended sludge, crust, grind, death and doom into one complete package is something few bands have done before with such ease and brutality. This 19 track compilation was put together by band’s vocalist (and Tsuguri Records’ mainman) Jon Cox as a way of re-introducing people to the band and it is the perfect starting point if you have never heard the band before and if you haven’t, all I can say is shame on you. This album brings together unreleased gems, alternate versions, covers, and tracks from 7′ singles and it is a non-stop journey of classic crusty punky sludge-metal. The band originally broke up after the release of their 1999 Tee Pee Records début, ‘Enter Therapy’ so newbies to the genre may have not ever heard the band before. The most famous ex-member was of course guitarist Chad Davis, who would go on to form Hour of 13 and play in US Christmas but name-dropping aside, the rest of the band were equally great musicians with a talent for ripping your head off with their sonic-assaults. However they never got the credit they deserved, in fact the reviews they got back in the 90’s were nothing short of abysmal, do the research and you will see how badly they were treated by most of the underground media.

The compilation starts off with 4 of the band most well-known songs; ‘Sloppin’ the Hogs,’  ‘Stunted,’  ‘ATFD,’ and ‘Canopener Head’ which all came from their ‘Boredom and Disease’ EP. ‘Sloppin’ the Hogs’ is basically insanity set to music, ‘Stunted’ is something like a demented take on Black Sabbath, ‘ATFD’ is like Entombed jamming with early Discharge while ‘Canopener Head’ is a hardcore punk/grindcore crossover tune and calling it crusty would be a under-statement. Most of the songs are short and straight to the point like ‘Reeses Feces’ and the two versions of a tune titled ‘Rank’ There is three cover versions in total, two are covers of the band ‘Doom,’ and there is a live version of a Rudimentary Peni’ track so as you see, this band loved their hardcore and they liked it fast. It could be argued that Seven Foot Spleen don’t have much to do with sludge-metal at all and it is true, it is a bit of a stretch at times to find the ‘metal’ here but it is certainly a punk crust sludge hybrid that fans of Eyehategod and Buzzov*en should be able to appreciate. There are tracks lifted from the 7″ split they did with Kanker and some rough and raw versions of songs from the ‘Enter Therapy’ album. It also features my favorite track from the band, the blistering ‘Addiction to Standards.’

Even though this compilation has 19 tracks on it, it flies by remarkably quickly and I must confess I had forgotten how fast and straight-forward their songs actually were back in the day. If you like your sludge tinged with hardcore but still really heavy, there was no finer band than Seven Foot Spleen so I suggest you seek this great compilation out……9/10

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  1. Cannot resist any band that pays homage to the mighty REPTILICUS!!!

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