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New Keepers Of The Water Towers have released their new album titled ‘The Calydonian Hunt’ which is actually their debut album even though they have released 3 discs already. They put out 2 EP’s and then a compilation of those two EP’s called ‘Chronicles’ but it is a bit of a stretch of the imagination to call this a full-length album – 9 songs totaling under 30 minutes. ‘The Calydonian Hunt’ shows the band has experienced enormous growth in the last couple of years, both sonically and melodically. The band still sounds a little like ‘Mastodon’ but these 9 songs have more of their own varied personality. The songs are interesting and diverse and this album also has its fair share of kick-ass, chest-thumping riffing that will appeal to a wide range of stoner-metal fans. While Mastodon seems to be the main inspiration here, there is more of a push into a Matt Pike kind of riff-metal. That existed on their EP’s too but I hear that more so now.

Vocalist/guitarist Rasmus Booberg, guitarist/vocalist Victor Berg and drummer/vocalist Tor Sjödén give the band a varied sound by all sharing singing duties but what stands out is how the band keep their options open by not focusing on any one style of playing. The band often add ‘mellow sections’ into the songs along with psychedelic elements and there is even the odd pop/rock moment that gives it some commercial appeal. While most of the album is riff after riff after riff, these musical detours keep this from sounding like ‘just another generic stoner album.’ Opener ‘Abyssal Lord’ has a kind of punk-metal crossover crunch while the following title track really turns on the dramatics made possible by their ‘now’ melodic capabilities. ‘Mankind’s Fall’ and ‘Arise, The Serpent’ bleed into each other which turns it into one longish concept kind of piece. I don’t know if this is suppose to be a ‘concept album’ of sorts but it seems to have recurring theme but with no lyric-sheet including in the digipak, it is a bit hard to judge.

‘The Call From Cosmos’ serves as a nice lead-in to one of the albums highlights, ‘Crystal Lake’ which is one of two big surprises that the album has in store for regular listeners of the band. The song is highly commercial with a pop accessibility that at first, had me reaching for the skip-button, however after several more spins, it becomes apparent that this is indeed a fine track. The song still ‘rocks’ but the blending of metal and pop takes a while to get used to – at least it did for me. That ‘Mastodon’ influence rears its ugly head in a big way on the next tune, ‘Return of Ziz’ which sounds so much like something off Mastodon’s Leviathan album, it makes it hard for me to appreciate. For one, I am not much of a Mastodon fan and two, it verges a little too close to being a clone of that style and sound. To be fair, I will say I think New Keepers of the Water Towers are a much better and more interesting band than Mastodon ever were (in my humble opinion). The following track titled ‘Fire Breather’ also sounds like something else but their instrumental prowess makes up for any lack of originality.

The rather too short album ends on ‘The Sword In The Stone’ which is fairly derivative of the album as a whole but it has some great melodies even if they are predictable. After just 29 and some odd minutes the album is over and while some people will say the album is too mainstream sounding in parts or lacks a certain identity, it is still way above average. The band still seems to be growing musically and therefore, I think their best work is still yet to come but this is a very good, enjoyable album that will appeal to stoner-rock fans, some doom fans and some more mainstream rock fans as well…….8/10

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Posted May 18, 2011 by doommantia in New Keepers Of The Water Towers

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