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The UK have given us some incredible metallic talent over the years, including the grandfathers of Metal( Judas Priest and Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden to name a few) and even some of my newer favourites as well( like GraVil) as well. I grew up on the NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL movement and that was where my love of this music began, so I love all things British metal. Now the Brits have given us a doom metal tour-DE-force called Pantheist.

Dark and foreboding with a very dank atmosphere made in every note they make, Pantheist rumbles like a sauntering Brontosaurus that can crush anything living in front of them. Funeral or even Progressive Doom is an acquired taste, I admit… but when it is this good, metal-heads seem to gravitate to it regardless. With some of the heaviest yet memorable riffs and the most bleak and haunting lyrics I have come across since Novembers Doom – this band shows just how dark metal can get.

Each song seems to blend into one another seamlessly, creating this pained melancholy that is a vortex into someones tortured mind. No one song is better than the other – making this album that is not a concept album, seem like it as it blends all of this into a tapestry of sorrow and doom haunted retrospective into a persons tortured thinking. It is powerful and scary to behold the stark beauty and painful repercussions of a mind that it troubled.

I found that Pantheist to be a band that is truly full of talent, a wall of power… and also having that understanding of the complexity of human emotion unlike anyone I have listened to. I am now going to hunt down the other album of this band right now… I need to hear more from this band. Seriously this is one of my favourite albums at the moment…. I am going through withdrawals right now……..9.5/10
Review Written By Daryl Adolph

Band Website: Official Website
Label Website: Grau Records


Posted May 18, 2011 by doommantia in Pantheist

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