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Confession time – It took me about a year after the release of Ironweed’s first album ‘Indian Ladder’ before I ever got around to hearing the band, for some reason, they just flew under my radar and of course I now totally regret it. The album is fine stuff so I was very excited to hear that they had a new offering in the works titled ‘Your World Of Tomorrow’ but I was also a little intrigued. You see I have read some whining about the album being a disappointment and people grumbling about a change in direction and blah, blah, blah – you know how all that sh*t goes down on the Internet these days.

Well call me crazy but I hear this album as an improvement if anything, there is the usual huge riffs and grooves that you would expect from a Ironweed album but now there is more metallic sheen than ever before. Seeing as this is on the Small Stone label, you would expect typical fuzzy riffs from a typical stoner-rock band to go along with what you usually get with that label which is mostly really good by the way but Ironweed are very un-small stone like in many ways. The band have sludgy elements and stonerisms but this is closer to Alice In Chains jamming with a 80’s thrash-metal band than it is to something like Kyuss.

I guess if there is any such thing as alternative stoner-metal, then Ironweed would be one of those bands. I am not going to do the usual track-by-track analysis with this album as I don’t see much point with this band. The sound & style doesn’t change much at all as it is just one giant riff-fest from start to finish with not a break in sight. The only time they take their foot off the gas is in tracks like ‘And The New Slaves’ where the band get a little proggy and psychedelic but it is a rare departure in style and sound. The only real ‘stinker’ on the album is a tune called ‘Awaken’ where the band just gets a little too cheesy in the chorus and it reminds me of the very worst of 80’s metal which is something I lived through and never want to re-visit. However one ‘dud’ out of 9 tracks is a pretty good ratio no matter which way you slice it. So how good are the ‘good’ tracks, well they are very good but without being mind-blowing. There was certainly nothing life-changing on the Indian Ladder album either and it is the same story here but it is still a very strong, mostly relentless metal album that now has an odd place in the Small Stone army of recordings.

Ollie from The Sleeping Shaman wrote this; “I will admit, this isn’t my favourite album in the Small Stone catalogue, but then the competition is pretty fierce. It is, however, as strong a metal album as is likely to be released this year and a million miles better than some of the appalling shit that is pedalled in the pages of Kerrang and Metal Hammer as the “next big thing”. Definitely worth a listen if you’re in a head busting mood.” Couldn’t have said it better myself and that pretty much sums up my feelings for Ironweed as well and this album. You could do a lot worse than to pick up a copy of ‘Your World Of Tomorrow,’ it wont changed your world but it will kick your ass……7.5/10

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  1. I thought it was quite good. A little bit of a stylistic shift, but not enough for the flack it's been getting. I'd gladly keep track of this group's future career.

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