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Let me tell you about an amazing band I have found. American based The Funeral Pyre are explained as heavy black shrouded Doom metal with the overall ambiance of a funeral home just before an atomic bomb goes off. Sounds goo, don’t it? What we have here is Norwegian styled Blackened Doom metal that has a little shading of Death Metal and a whole lot of darkness. Extreme, hu? The Funeral Pyre comes at you from Los Angeles, and is to me a true breath of fresh air from the stagnancy of that scene. They are ethereal, dark as Satan’s heart and is heavier than most bands professing to be heavy. This is not in any way close to the glam metal LA has offered up in the past… this is pure and malevolently delivered metal at it maximum. Their EP is as extreme and fierce as any release that has been seen, s true dark iconic album.
The December Ep has only five songs on the disk, but each and every one of them are a quality slab of heavy and exceedingly mind numbing music that has the power to reach into the darkest corner of people’s souls, and finds that one horrible place that is better off hidden and exploits it…. even if that is found within one’s self. They then begin to ravage what is left of your spirit from there, and their job is nearly done.One track in particular stands out from the others – ‘Into the Soil’ -is a Doom laden, hell spawned sound of pure heaviness that plods your cranium until it cracks into several pieces.

The Ep is exactly what all doom fans are looking for, and much more… and it will end up leaving you wishing that The Funeral Pyre had given us a full album instead of a EP. I am not complaining, but that is what I am left with….. 8.9/10
Review Written By Daryl Adolph

The Funeral Pyre @ Myspace


Posted May 22, 2011 by doommantia in The Funeral Pyre

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