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Two interviews in the same day with bands from Chile? This one comes from Dr.Doom as he interviews Fernando (Guitars, Vocals) and Matias (Bass) from Condenados.

Dr.Doom: Hello guys thanks a lot for this interview! How is the army of the condemned doing after the success of “A Painful Journey into Nihil”?
Fernando: We´re fine, rehearsing a lot since we have more songs to show in the future.

Dr.Doom: Can you give as a brief bio of the band and its members?
Fernando: The band was born in Concepción, Chile. Before that i was playing in another band more focused in the extreme side of metal, a mix between sludge, grindcore and death metal, but i always loved traditional doom and early proto heavy metal and my desire to form a band with those influences were strong, so i began to search for people with the same interests. With the first line up, back in 2005, our sound as a band were more into a “stoner” kind of metal, no so “traditional” or epic doom metal, that as a consecuence of the musical tastes of the other members, but later i wanted to give a more radical change in the sound. The bassist decided leave the band to and in his place arrived Matias, with a more radical intention to play Doom metal in the traditional way. So with him i can say that the band was “reborn”. Then we released our fist official demo, our first EP, both with a poor sound quality compared to the album. Then the drummer decided to leave the band, and Arcano took his throne. So since 2008 we are with the same line up and our sound was improved greatly thanks to those changes.

Dr.Doom:You released your first demo back in 2006. Since then we were hearing from you only from EPs and splits. Why the release of your debut took you so long?
Fernando: Mostly beacuse the changes in the line up and of course the lack of resources. Here in Chile is not so easy to find a good studio to make a decent record, and it is very expensive too. beside that, we were still “discovering” our sound as a band and the album is our first recording that really identificate us. Both in the musical and conceptual sides, is coherent with our idea of what Doom Metal is. It was a very painful journey! Haha.

Dr.Doom: Now you are part of the Shadow Kingdom records team. How is this collaboration going? Shadow Kingdom records has a reputation of picking only the elite.
Fernando: Shadow Kingdom is an excellent label. Only quality bands, and obscure gems of early heavy metal. We feel really lucky for the signing. Tim has always a good disposition and he helped us in the final mix of the album, thanks to him it sounds crushing and we are very happy for that.

Dr.Doom: In your previous releases lyrics were exclusively in Spanish why did you decide to change into English lyrics?
Fernando: We decided to make songs in both languages basicly as a experimentation, the songs in spanish are more into the “religious inquisitorial” way, based in that kind of histories, and the english sung ones are more into the existencialist/abstract topics. but for me, both languages in doom metal sound good, maybe in spanish is more original, maybe in the future our songs will be only in spanish or english, we don´t know.

Dr.Doom: Since “A Painful Journey into Nihil” can be considered as the definition of traditional doom, in your opinion what are the ingredients of a great traditional doom album ?
Fernando: I don´t know if our album indeed is the definition of traditional doom but thanks for that! Haha. Let me tell you this: for us, Traditional Doom metal is the ONLY doom metal. I know it can sound stupid for many people maybe more “open minded”, but certainly we don´t care what they can say. Doom metal is Slowed down heavy metal, with some psychedelic proto heavy metal influences all more slowed, mournful, solemn and grim, just like a funeral ritual should be. Clean voices , crushing and heavy riffs tuned in C, heavy drums, notorius and fat fuzzed out bass. The lyrics should take religious apocalyptic topics (NEVER cheesy christian praying shoit), or the occult is always a nice source to make interesting lyrics, also a pessimist/nihilist angle is always welcome. But for us is always about the music, it must sound HEAVY and LOW… and of course, doomed.

Dr.Doom: Doom is often accused for lack of originality where is the thin red line between reproducing and creating? Do you believe that doom allows room for experimentation?
Fernando: There are two sides in all kind of arts: those who want to “innovate” create something new, a new genre, a new sound, etc,, and those who want to remain in the purity of a genre, rejecting new influences. We decided to play Doom Metal in the traditional way with all its consequences, we know that doom metal can be pretty repetitive, and some bands are in fact a simple rippoff of another bands, but that´s the cost of making music knowing which is the rule. I think that Doom Metal (or traditional doom if you preffer) have his cannons (saint vitus, candlemass, reverend bizarre, solitude aeternus) and if the musician is good enough, and he decided to play doom metal, he can make something “new” with the tools that the genre provides.
Matías: Experimentation is a strange word, cause you can put inside it some “doom/avantgothic/depressive” stuff hahaha, or just anything mixed with doom, and I really don’t like that, in fact, I hate it. If we’re talking about originality, of course doom allows room for “experimentation”, just take a look to the world wide doom metal scene, you can find a lot of bands with their proper sound (it’s very cool when you do and enjoy it), but they’re DOOM in the end. Some bands try so hard to fit in a genre and their final result is just a ripoff of an old band. Making music is about the things you feel in the moment of composing and the passion you put into it, there’s the magic, this deal ends when you say something like “Hey, let’s do a band, I’ve always loved “this” band I want to play like them (or be like them)”, Flip OFF. I really hate ripoffs bands, I totally support original sounding bands, cause it makes me think that the ancient feeling and passion of metal is not dead.

Dr.Doom:You know, I couldn’t help noticing the cross on your logo. Would you describe Condenados as a Christian-type of band?
Fernando: We are not a Christian band, in fact, none of us believes in any God. We use the cross a Symbol of torture, death and DOOM.

Dr.Doom:How do you see this occult/vintage wave in the doom genre?
Fernando: There are some good bands, i always liked early psych bands and proto heavy metal, but i can sense more an economic interest in some bands playing that kind of music today. Maybe beacuse some labels know that can be a hype. But i preffer that kind of “mainstream “instead the awful false “black metal” comercial crap.
Matías: It seems that few bands can do the perfect mixture of darkness and vintage like in the 60s-70s, the best example is PENTAGRAM, I think this band is perfect nowadays, keeping their own dark vintage sound at it’s best. Another band that I dig a lot is BLACK OATH (recently released their debut album “The third Aeon” via I Hate), they bring all those old Italian vintage memories to the present time, it’s just unbelievable!!!. Generally it’s hard to find a very dark and vintage band nowadays, but, the existing ones are pretty good (and original too). I highly recommend BLACK OATH for this question.

Dr.Doom:It seems that Chilean doom scene is very active lately. I was wondering is it hard for a doom band to play live in Chile? I’ve always considered that Chilean metal friends are mostly into thrash/death.
Fernando: It is hard for every band that remains truly underground no matter the genre. The gigs in which we play here in Chile are always organized by us or with friends and yes , there´s always problems finding a good place to make a decent gig. People here in Chile doesn´t know too much about traditional doom metal or even real metal in general, but lately bands like Procession and Condenados are more known in the national scene, since the promotion via social networks basicly.
Matías: It’s not hard to play, but it’s hard to play with the ones you want to, that’s why if you visit our website, there aren’t so much shows in the agenda. The lasts ones the played were with CAUCHEMAR from Canadá, we made a 4-date tour and it was amazing, now we’ll repeat the experience in Perú with them, and we’ll play some dates in the north of our country too, to spread the pestilence of doom.
Chile has always been a Thrash & Death metal country, you can find just a handful of heavy metal and doom metal. But it’s not so bad cause there’re some great bands here like: SLAUGHTBBATH, HADES ARCHER, FORCE OF DARKNESS, PROCESSION, SANGRÍA, ELECTROZOMBIES, METAL GRAVE, BAD JOKE, TOXIC BLOOD, AXE BATTLER, COMMUNION, GODLESS, UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, DIABOLICAL MESSIAH, TOTTEN KORPS, TERROR STRIKE, ATTACKER BLOODY AXE, probably someone is being left behind. Southamerican raw metal cvlt! Hahaha.

Dr.Doom:I remember a very underrated Chilean band named Bewitched. They used to play doom metal (before they turn into more extreme stuff). Perhaps it’s a weird question but I was always wondering how influential are they in the local doom scene?
Fernando: Early Bewitched was an excellent band a really pionner, but sadly when you talk about “doom” metal here in Chile most of the people think about Mar de Grises or Poema Arcanvs so the influence doesn´t even exist i think.
Matías: I really don’t know if they’re influential, but is a historical fact for sure one of the first bands making doom around here. I’ve heard that they’ll be re-releasing their very first album “Hibernum in Perpetuum” in Double CD format, so it’s a very good opportunity for all the people who doesn’t get their stuff in the early days.

Dr.Doom: What other Chilean bands would you propose for doom fans?
Fernando: For Doom metal, i can only recommend Procession, Capilla Ardiente and Marcha Funebre. (i don´t know others bands playing traditional doom metal here in Chile) If you like something more into sludge or crusted out punkish sludge , you must listen to Sangria, Electrozombies, and Abismo, a new band with a good potential to be an interesting band in the future.

Dr.Doom: Before we close this brief interview, please reveal some of the future plans of Condenados!

We’re working on 2 songs (and 2 cover songs) for a split release in CD format with THE TEMPLE, a very good doom metal band from Greece (They’ll put 2 original songs and 2 covers too)!, (Matías: I’ve heard their songs for the split and I can assure you that this is going to be EPIC). (You can hear a rehearsal of “Flagelantes”, this song is going to be in the split but with a better recording of course heh: The release is planned for the first week of july.
We’re planning some European shows but we’re in the money collecting money, if everything goes well maybe it will happen, so let’s see what’s in the future.
Interview By Dr Doom ( Dr.Dooms Lair )

Condenados @ MySpace


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